21st Century Resumes: How to Create a Video Resume

Here is your step-by-step guide to creating a video resume:
The 21st Century resume is an online, link-rich resume that employers can easily access no matter where they are located. If you want to take this resume one step further then you should look at enhancing it with multimedia options. In particular, you should consider creating a video resume. This allows you to really show off your personality ((as well as your modern technology and social media skills) to set yourself ahead of the competition in the modern employment market.

  • Learn how to create a YouTube video. This is the easiest way to make and share a video resume today. There are numerous online resources to teach you how to do this.
  • Create and practice a script for yourself before you film your video resume. The basic points that you include in your video should be the same as those that are highlighted on your physical resume. In other words, you should introduce yourself, state what your objective is and provide information about your work experience, education and related skills. You may want to use note cards to keep you on track with this script as you film. The video should include your contact information either at the beginning or the end of the film.
  • Consider whether there is anything else that you can add to the video that might make you appealing to an employer. For example, you might show off your ability to complete a related job skill. Remember, however, that a good resume video typically lasts only about two minutes so you need to keep your presentation short.
  • Get yourself ready to create the video. When you put together a video resume, you should prepare as though you are going to a job interview. This means that you dress professionally and sit at a desk for filming.
  • Record your YouTube video resume. Speak slowly and articulately, referring to your note cards to stay on script. Pretend as though you are speaking to a potential employer; after all, you are! Many people make the mistake of sounding too friendly in their video resumes, as though they are speaking to a co-worker instead of a potential boss, which can be a turnoff for many employers.
  • Review your video. You should review the video immediately to see whether or not you like it. If you aren’t satisfied, record it again until you get it right. Then, set the video aside for a day or two and review it again. You want to double-check it after you have gained some distance from it to make sure that it’s exactly how you want it to be before you put it out there for potential employers.
  • Upload your video to the web. You can upload it to YouTube to get yourself started. Alternatively, you can upload it to your own website or blog. Additionally, many job search sites (like CareerBuilder) allow you to upload a video resume nowadays. Take advantage of all of the options available to you.
  • Spread the word about your video resume. You can include the video URL as a link on your regular resume, your business cards, your professional social networking sites, etc. Let people know where to find you so that you can find a job!

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