21st Century Resumes: What is Resume Hosting?

resume hostingThere is a lot of advice out there about how to create the perfect resume. However what much of that advice fails to take into consideration is the fact that we are now living in the 21st century. Although the basics of resumes remain the same today as they did for our parents and their parents before them, there are some major differences that must be noted if you want to be successful. Understanding the role of resume hosting in the application process today is crucial. If you aren’t sure what that is, read on.

What is Resume Hosting?

We now live in the 2.0 era and it’s important that you start thinking about Resume 2.0 when you’re doing your applications. This means bringing that basic word document that your resume probably currently exists on up to date and onto the web. Resume hosting sites are sites that are specifically designed to allow you to create your resume and store it online where employers can easily access it via a simple link. Some of them offer a custom URL including your name so that the link looks highly professional.

Benefits of Resume Hosting

Some of the reasons that it makes sense to use resume hosting either instead of or in addition to the traditional Word Doc resume include:

  • No problems with uploading your resume. Have you ever applied to a job on Craigslist and had it kicked back to you because your resume attachment was too large? Simply send the link to your online resume instead!

  • Easy to tweak your resume for different employers. Most resume hosting sites allow you to use simple templates to create your resume. You can then easily change those templates as needed. This allows you to personalize your resume for each employer.

  • Easy to import information from around the web. For example some programs allow you to import the information that you’ve already stored on business social networking site LinkedIn to simplify the process of creating your resume.

  • Resume hosting sites often help improve the quality of your resume. They may offer tools like keyword assistance or evaluation of your objective to make your resume more attractive to employers.

  • You look modern. Having an online resume proves that you are up to date with current technology. This is especially a benefit for older applicants who may be facing stereotypes related to their tech skills.

  • You can add the link to your business cards. This is great for networking and can make it more likely that employers will take an interest in you after meeting you at social or professional events. It has the same effect as handing your resume to a potential employer but it’s a lot more subtle.

Free Resume Hosting Sites

There are numerous resume hosting sites that you can use to begin experimenting with Resume 2.0. However, you don’t want to spend a lot of money on pricey sites, especially if you’re unemployed!┬áHere are some free resume hosting sites that can get you started:

  • EMurse. This site offers resumes in conventional formats for easy downloading by potential employers.

  • How To Write a Resume .Net. This site assists you in honing the information on your resume to make it more attractive to employers.

  • Lead You. This site is best for people who are working in creative fields and want a Resume 2.0 that reflects that.

  • My Resume Online. One perk of using this free resume hosting site is that it provides you with traffic sites so you know whether or not your resume is being reviewed by potential employers.

  • Visual CV. This is a leading choice among people who are already on LinkedIn and want to use the information from the site to write multiple resumes.

An Alternative to Resume Hosting Sites

If you like the idea of having a resume online but don’t want to use a resume hosting site the consider this alternative posted by Edudemic:

  • Sign up for a professional domain name. Choose your own name if it is available.
  • Get a web host for this domain name. Affordable web hosts include GoDaddy and BlueHost.
  • Install WordPress on your new website.
  • Get a resume theme for WordPress. Edudemic recommends the MyResume theme, which is available through Elegant Themes for a small fee.
  • Fill out the information on this theme template.

This results in an online resume that you can treat the same as you would treat your resume if it was posted on a resume hosting site. You can use additional WordPress plugins to do things like track your statistics for the site.

Be honest: did you know what resume hosting was before you read this article?Tell us about your experiences with resume hosting in the comments below!

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