3 Early Career Opportunities to Learn From

Do you know the basic steps to finding and getting a job? Often times it starts with a resume, moves to an interview and offer, and finally a “You’re Hired!” If you’re lucky. The process of obtaining a job is relatively easy to learn, but did you know that while you’re going through the motions of becoming a member of the team, you could be learning some valuable lessons, as well? One of the best parts of being a professional is gaining information and growing into a stronger, more confident individual. The steps are easy, I promise.

Here are three important moments that can have a lasting impact on your career:

1. The Interview

This is your time to truly shine. An interview can be conducted in person or over the phone. Some may even take place over the internet. During this process it’s important to listen to the questions being asked of you. You can learn a lot about a company from what its employees are willing to say. It’s normal to do some prep work before an interview, but I would encourage you to try to hone in on yourself during the process too. Try to split yourself into two. The one side will have the job of answering the questions; the other side will be in charge of listening to the answers. Paying more attention to yourself can alert you to anxieties you never knew you had or weaknesses that get in the way. Aside from using the interview to learn about a specific position, open yourself up to learning as much as you can from the experience.

2. The Offer

Everyone dreams of getting that big job offer that will change his or her life forever. This is a moment to realize how far you’ve come as a person. When a company is willing to bring you onto the team, it means they saw potential in you. If you’ve recently been given a job offer, take some time to truly think about your growth as a professional. It’s easy to celebrate a new job, but you can use this momentum to set up a plan and make goals for the future. Perhaps an offer with a good salary can even go as far as make you finally realize that you’re worth a lot more than you thought.

3. The First Impressions

Meeting your coworkers for the first time can be a special experience. I say that with the best intentions. Your first meeting is the perfect time to lay the groundwork of how you want to be perceived. At the same time, your new partners in crime are also presenting themselves to you. Your first impression has the power to attract or repel people to or from you on a personal and professional level. It’s great to be yourself, but you should always think about how you want to be perceived in a work environment. You never know who you might meet.

If you found this information insightful, then you should pick up the book 10 Make or Break Career Moments by Casey Hawley. It’s full of great tips and tricks, and it can shed even more light on making the most of whatever situation comes your way. Did you know that Yellow Brick Road offers a free resume builder? Well, now you do. No excuses; hop to it! Now that you know the early opportunities to look out for, here are even more moments to make the most of.

Were you aware that you could use your work experience as a learning tool? If you’ve had a situation that allowed you to grow in a personal or professional way, I would love to hear about it. Please leave a comment below to share your story with friends, coworkers, and anyone who could benefit.

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