3 Easy Ways to Make Money Blogging

We research. We write. We respond to comments left and right. If taken seriously, blogging can become a full-time job. Just look at people like Perez Hilton and Stephanie Klein. Both writers have turned their hobbies into careers and watched as they’ve taken off.

A few years ago, when I started my first blog “An Unconventionalist’s Truth,” I didn’t know what to expect. Who would read my words? Would I ever make money writing random thoughts each day? It turned out that, while I got a decent amount of traffic, I didn’t know the first thing about making money as a blogger. In fact, a lot of writers I know have asked me how to make money blogging. So, I have made it my mission to find a few helpful tips for getting paid to do what we love.

With the help of the great book, Create Your Own Blog by Tris Hussey, I recently learned of three ways to find the cash flow. Here goes:

1. Find sponsors for your site.

This first tip is one that can be more of a way to save money than a way to generate money. Sponsors can help by paying for travel expenses to conferences or lectures in exchange for an exclusive post and a nice line at the end about their monetary support. They can also provide otherspecial services in exchange for advertising on your page. The only way you can benefit from this opportunity is to ask, so find potential sponsors and inquire away. It will save you money, and you will make valuable partnerships.

2. Write guest articles.

If you could write about all of your varied interests, and get paid for it, would you? This is the reality for some professional bloggers. Aside from working on their own sites, some writers enjoy providing content for other sites. This is great for people who like to dabble in different projects, or for those who know a little bit about everything. Compensation for guest blogging can come at a flat rate or an hourly pay structure. Either way, it can be a great way to earn extra income and stay busy.

3. Sell relevant items.

Cards, jewelry, tools, e-books, oh my! Selling specialty items can work wonders for someone who has a niche blog—and a pretty solid following. Topics like fashion, beauty, books, gardening, and wine are all great areas for selling specific, related items.  Companies like EBay, Etsy, and PayPal make transactions easier and just a click away. However, both EBay and Etsy take a percentage of the purchase price, but as Tris Hussey notes in Create Your Own Blog, “I think the cut is worth it (usually just a few percent of the purchase price) given how unfun it is to set up a cart, get transactions working (and secured), and handle all the other easily forgotten details.” Easy, affordable, and it will help you make money in the end. Dare I say, win-win?

So, there you have it! Three super simple ways you can actually afford to continue blogging. I’m so happy to be able to share this information with my fellow community of bloggers. What we do is so much fun, but not everyone will become a success story. It takes a certain level of skill, creativity, dedication and persistence to stand apart from the crowd. Blogging is not just a hobby for some, it’s providing a service to an online population in need of information, guidance, and a sense of community. If your heart is in the right place, and you’re determined to find success as a blogger, go for it!

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Who are your favorite bloggers and why do you love them or love to hate them?

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