3 Pivotal Career Moments to Gain From

We learn many tasks throughout our time as bosses or employees, but if we’re lucky, we can learn to grow as individuals when we face workplace challenges or hit specific milestones on our journey. Now that you know the early learning opportunities to look out for, this article will focus on others that crop up later in game. It doesn’t matter what field you’re in, somewhere along the way you will work with people—whether it’s in person, over the computer, or over the phone. When you do, you’ll be happy you know these bits of advice. If you’re open to them, you will find that learning opportunities are plentiful.

These three significant moments can have a lifelong impact on your career:

1. The Review

This opportunity for growth is very clear for obvious reasons. If you are going under review, then you know what to expect. Your boss is going to look at your past performance and evaluate your progress. It sounds like an easy way to learn about yourself, right? You can just sit back and let the big shot do all the work; then, he or she will present you with the findings. Not so fast! A onesided review is not something you want to get wrangled into. If your boss is doing a review on you, you would be wise to do your own review, as well. What if he or she is wrong in his or her findings? In that instance, this learning experience could be a great opportunity to exercise your would-be lawyering skills. Come up with a case for yourself. Even if the boss is right on target with his or her evaluation, you will have given yourself a personal report card, and it’s important to be honest with yourself.

2. The Test

If life is good for anything, it’s definitely great at giving us tests. Though the answers may not be easy to uncover, the lessons are usually quite memorable. There will be times in your professional life when it seems like you’re being tested. This can come in the form of dealing with a workplace bully, sticking up for yourself or another employee, confronting the boss, or even a situation that challenges your beliefs, ethics, or future. During these moments, it’s best that you buckle down and get ready to learn a lot about yourself. How you handle these situations is important and very telling of who you are. Count to ten, put on your big boy or girl pants, and think about ways to stand up for what you know is right.

3. The Sayonara

If there has been a hello, chances are there will be a goodbye. Sometimes the terms are amicable—as with retirement, transfer, or promotion. Other times, the situation can feel anything but warm and friendly, as can be the case with lay-offs, firings, or resentful resignations. For the latter types of situations, one of the most important things to remember is to keep your dignity. Though you may feel like you haven’t been treated in the best manner, you never have to stoop to a low level to be heard. These things sometimes happen, and though it may feel like a blow at first, you should come to realize that you’re still the same valuable person you were the day you got hired. Use these kinds of opportunities to strengthen your backbone and your ability to adapt to change. If you find yourself falling into a negative place, use this realization to reevaluate what you want in life. Try to find ways to remember your worth, and build your self-esteem. If you’re surprised with how well you handled the situation, then give yourself a pat on the back. Every life has to handle some form of set-back. Adaptability and endurance are what keep us going.

If you found this information helpful, then you should check out the three early career opportunities to learn from. After reading that post, I would hands-down recommend the book 10 Make or Break Career Moments by Casey Howley. It’s loaded with impactful information, tips and tricks, and it can shed even more light on making the most of whatever situation comes your way. Also, check out the free resume builder provided by Yellow Brick Road. It’s perfect for go-getters like you.

Were you aware that you could use your work experience as a learning tool? If you’ve had a situation that allowed you to grow in a personal or professional way, I would love to hear about it. Please comment below and share with friends, coworkers, and anyone who could benefit.

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