4 More Ways to Your Creative Cosmetology Career

Now that you know the first four ways to find a profession you love in the beauty industry, I wanted to share even more avenues to use to your talents. Whether you enjoy natural beauty, artificial enhancements, or simply talking about certain topics in the field, there is a position for you!

Behold the four more ways to work in the beauty field!

1. Esthetician

Perfect, glowing, skin. Do you have flawless skin or a history of troublesome acne? With your knowledge and understanding of bettering this area, you may hold the key to helping lots of people who want to take care of the largest organ of the body. One of my favorite parts of being a beauty expert is learning and sharing which products and ingredients work wonders for the skin. A career as an esthetician is great for people who have analytical minds, a soft touch, and a helpful side. You learn how to decipher someone’s skin type, the order of applying products, and which items are best for each condition. You can even learn about certain skin conditions and what they look like.

2. Nail Technician

Fun, funky, designs. I can still remember my first manicure. One of my closest cousins took me to Queens, New York to have hot pink lacquer applied to the nails on my petite hands. The experience was so much fun, and the nail technician looked like she was having a good time, too! If you enjoy chatting and using your artistic flair to create unique designs, this might be the ticket to your next job. Nail techs learn everything from the steps of a basic manicure to applying a variety of artificial nail enhancements. However, keep in mind that this career path will expose you to chemicals and odors, so it’s a good idea to find a salon with good ventilation or more natural product lines.

3. Wig Specialist

It’s one thing to cut or color natural hair. It’s another to provide a whole new head of hair to someone suffering from hair loss due to nature or chemical causes, like chemotherapy. Though I’ve never worked as a wig specialist, any interviews I’ve seen have really showed me what a gratifying path this can be. Helping someone to choose a wig that will show off his or her best features is an intimate moment. Specialists in this field are also lucky to have the skill and no-how to cut, color, and style many different types of real and artificial hair.

4. Editor or Writer

Magazines, books, and websites. This path is one that hits close to home. When I decided that working in the salon wasn’t working for me, I thought that I was done with beauty for awhile. In fact, I was. But, I never lost my passion for the field, and I never stopped helping my friends and family any time someone had a question or a request about looking more beautiful. Being a beauty writer has allowed me to learn even more about the industry than I would have been able to in the salon. Getting to write articles that make topics easily understandable to those who don’t have a cosmetology license is a lot of fun. I love having a conversation with real men and women about looking and feeling great! Writing for my own site has helped me to use my license with a new purpose, and it has meshed wonderfully with my background as a writer. If you love words and learning new things about the field, this can be a wonderful way to use your talents.

Wow, I never realized how much I knew about the many different jobs a cosmetologist can have. I hope my articles have helped you to realize your passion. I’m always here should you have any questions. All best wishes!

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Did you find the job of your dreams in the beauty industry? If so, don’t be shy about it. Share your secrets and tips so future cosmetologists can see what’s possible.

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