5 Creative Ways to Add Interest to Your Resume

Now that you’ve graduated from college, it’s time to land a job that actually pays well enough for you to get a nice apartment without having to rely on six roommates to make the rent. This may seem somewhat of a challenge—because to get a job you need job experience, but in order to get experience you need a job. It’s the old chicken-and-the-egg conundrum.

But just because you don’t have a fascinating job history (yet) doesn’t mean you can’t add a few highlights to your resume that will make it stand out in the job-o-sphere. In other words, if you can’t “Wow!” them with your knowledge, then “bowl them over” them with your creativity. Here are five things you can do (while you look for a job) that will add so much interest to you resume recruiters and HR departments will be compelled to call you in for an interview just because they want to meet this amazingly multitalented person.

  1. Sign Up For an Improv Acting Class
  2. No matter what career you plan to go into, if you can speak articulately in front of a crowd without the fear of fainting, then you’ve got yourself a skill that puts you head and shoulders above the rest. Some people are born with the gift of gab, but most of us have to work up to talking alone onstage to the masses. Even if you took public speaking in college, keep your chops sharp by signing up for an improv acting class. It’s fun, there’s no homework (it’s improv, after all), and you’ll become more confident about public speaking. Plus, having “improv” under special skills on your resume is a great icebreaker during an interview. (Trust me, it gets people’s attention.)

  3. Write
  4. The other way you can get your resume noticed is to show them you’re able to write well. And how do you do that (other than having a flawless resume)? By getting published. It doesn’t matter if it’s in print or on the Internet any writing credit (with a by-line) is a legitimate accolade you can proudly add to your resume. Just like public speaking, the ability to get your point across via the written word is a skill employers look for in their prospective employees (in all careers). To have writing credits lets your interviewer know you write well enough to be published AND that you have the discipline to sit down and write something on speculation (without someone—like a boss—prodding you to do it).

  5. Learn a Foreign Language
  6. Technology has made the world a smaller place, and as such knowing a foreign language comes in handy. Even if you took a foreign language in college, it’s hard to stay fluent (or become fluent) if you don’t have someone to continuously talk to in that language. Signing up for a foreign language class allows you to do just that. And if you didn’t take a language in college now is the perfect time hop on that bandwagon. Spanish and Chinese are the languages most employers like to see on a resume, however, knowing any foreign language is impressive. You never know when your future employer might want to send you to France or Italy.

  7. Volunteer
  8. As mentioned before in this blog, volunteering is the best way to not only make contacts, but to boost your resume, as well. Find a cause in a field that caters to your career (or that is just near and dear to your heart) and then volunteer to either be on a supporting board, or work a fundraising event. Prospective employers like to hire people who are willing to get involved in philanthropic endeavors—it shows a willingness to go the extra mile, as well as take the initiative to solve problems.

  9. Start a Small Business
  10. If you have a hobby that lends itself to starting a small business, then do it. For example, photography, silk-screening, drawing, pet sitting, and evening creating custom greeting cards, are all ways to earn a little extra cash on the side. Why is this an important resume builder? Because it shows prospective employers that you’re not the kind of person who sits around waiting for things to happen. You make things happen, demonstrating that you’re a proactive person (perfect for management).

So what are you waiting for? Unlike the hard work listed on your resume, these are fun (and fairly inexpensive) things you can do to add to your credibility while looking for a job. After all, it beats doing nothing while fretting about where your next paycheck will come from (which, by the way, is NOT a skill employers are looking for any time soon).

Do you have a creative way to boost your resume? We’d love to hear your suggestion. Leave a comment and start a discussion.

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