5 More Ways to Better Your Blog

So, you love words. You also love a particular subject, and reaching out to people on the biggest networking tool we have these days. That’s all fantastic, but how do you get people to your site? With the web bursting with new blogs every day, it’s become a very competitive world for writers. Since creating my beauty blog this year, I’ve decided to sit down and figure out how to get more people to my site. It hasn’t always been easy, but I’ve seen a steady increase in page views since my start.

Now that you know the first five ways to market your blog, I’ve compiled a few more things to try:

1. Hand out business cards.

This is a fun one! Depending on your topic, you can enjoy designing your own professional cards to hand out or you can find cool companies on the web to design them for you. I chose Vista Print, and I love my new, inexpensive cards. In fact, I’ve handed out a ton of them to people I meet in the bookstore or at the salon. A big part of getting your name out there is networking with others. Though business cards won’t make your blog better than it already is, they will attract new people to check out your site.

2. Allow guest posts.

This has been something I’ve enjoyed doing lately. With three jobs, it’s sometimes hard to keep as active as I’d like. At the same time, I want my readers to find new things to connect to, and I like to bring in a different audience as often as possible. Recently, I had two guest bloggers who both wrote relevant topics but brought in a completely different audience. One was a cosmetology school, the other a male reader who had his back waxed for the first time. Find different types of people to contribute to your site. These gigs can be done for free, and they’re great for getting someone’s name out there while they bring their friends to your site. Win win.

3. Link back to your site.

You may not have realized the benefits of putting links to your other work in each of your posts, but I promise it’s a great idea. Here’s a little homework: Go online and browse different internet articles about any topic. I bet you’ll notice certain words are clickable, other articles are suggested to you, or maybe a compilation of the author’s works appears at the bottom of the page. One of your goals should be to keep people clicking on content. You don’t want to lose someone in the few minutes you have to engage with them. Imagine going onto a site, finishing one article, and having nothing else left to look at. Make things easy for your followers by giving them lots of goodies. Keep things relevant, and hold onto and entertain your readers for as long as you can.

4. Cut off your content.

Click. Click. Click. I love the music of many mice moving among my many pages. Okay, enough alliteration for one day. Like the back of a book, or a movie trailer, teasers work. Intrigue your visitors by writing a luring string of beginning sentences to keep them interested, and then cut off the page. You may think that this will decrease the number of page views you get, but it isn’t so. Sure, only people interested in the topic will click. But you will have more article visibility on your homepage, so visitors can see a variety of topics to choose from. Include ways for them to share via Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or any other social media.

5. Follow your views.

This is great for goal setters, and you should become one. Any successful business has a brain behind it. Keep track of your page views on an Excel spreadsheet, or follow your trending topics with stats on Blogger or Google Analytics. An increasing blog following wasn’t built in a day. A friend on Linkedin recently told me that patience is key when I mentioned wanting more followers. Keeping track of my numbers has made it a lot easier to acknowledge my site’s progress.
Don’t forget to have fun with your blog. Think of it as a baby, and you’re the stage mother. Yes, I know that sounds wrong, but it’s not actually a baby. Dress it up, talk about it, and do whatever else feels fun and enjoyable. Just leave the hairspray away from the computer, unless you’re a beauty blogger like me. In that case, check out my site ;)

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How do you better your blog? Do you have a site you’d like to share? Leave comments below.

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