5 Reasons Why I Love Being a Freelance Writer, and You Will Too!

As a child, I loved writing and drawing. I even authored a collection of unpublished short-stories before the age of ten. However, I turned to more “normal” jobs as I got older. Writing always sounded like a dream people had, but one they never got to fulfill. During my late teens and early twenties, I spent time working in retail, beauty, and even alternative medicine. Though most of my past jobs helped me in some way—whether it was in teaching me critical thinking skills, customer service, or technology—I never said to myself with absolute certainty, This is what I want to do forever.

Feeling the pressure to grow up and get a career, I felt like I was having a midlife crisis at the age of twenty-three. My friends were employed in jobs they enjoyed, and others were going on to graduate school. I had just finished up at community college, and I still had no idea what to pursue. I thought about what it was that came naturally to me, and out came the pens and notebooks. It took getting older and feeling lost for me to realize that I should pursue what makes me happy. If you’re anything like me, and you feel lost or that it’s hard to stick with one field, freelance writing could be the right gig for you.

A career in freelance writing might be the icing on your cake if any of these descriptions sound like you:

  • You love to learn new things.
  • A nine-to-five workday isn’t for you.
  • You have too many interests to settle on just one.
  • Extra income would be great for you right now.
  • You’re shy, but you have a lot to say.
  • Writing and reading have always been interests of yours.
  • You want to build a professional platform for yourself.

For a more detailed depiction of writerly traits, this article is great!

Here are five reasons to start typing:

1. You can express yourself.

In a group setting, I fit the mold of the observer perfectly. I can be found with my mouth closed and my ears and eyes wide open. I like to sit back and take everything and everyone in. Like a mass of quick-moving clouds, my thoughts are a tangle of incoherence, unshaped and unready to be heard. Freelancing gives me the extra time to compose my ideas, to say them clearly on the page, and to have a voice—even if my audible one is rarely heard.

2. Your schedule is up to you.

One of my pet peeves about having a “normal” job is that there’s too much structure when it comes to time. Things happen, and having flexibility is great for combating stress. Some people work well with a predictable workday; that’s not to imply that freelancing provides a chaotic timeline. The great thing about this career is that I can choose whether or not nine to five is for me. Maybe, I like eleven to seven, or one to five. Who says it has to be eight hours a week anyway?

3. You can become an expert.

Yes, that’s right. Freelancing can give you credibility. Did you ever want to write a book, but you didn’t have a professional platform from which to speak? Freelancing is a great way to get your name out there, and it can help you to become a part of whatever community you want to engage with. The great thing is that this can all be done with or without a snazzy institute degree. Just think of all the subjects out there! From babies to cars, gardening and sewing, to travel and wine. The topics are endless. Whatever your passion, you can become an expert just by writing about what you know and love. I did this by creating a personal beauty blog, and it’s been a great way for me to express my creativity and build a name for myself in the field.

4. You can reach a lot of people.

Social networking is of utmost importance these days. With print publications taking more of a backseat to online forums and publishing, freelancing online can open the doors of opportunity even wider, exposing you to a whole new market.When I publish an article, I share it through Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and all of my friends can pass it along to their friends. Ideally, my words can reach millions of people with just the click of a mouse.

5. You get to learn a lot every day.

If I could afford to be an academic student for the rest of my life, I would. My kindergarten friends can tell you how I held onto, and wouldn’t let go of, our worktable at the end of our first day of class. Freelancing allows me the flexibility to learn about all kinds of topics I enjoy, and I get paid for it. Win-win? I think so.

If freelance writing sounds like something you would like to try, this site is dedicated to finding current jobs in the field.

For more posts by Sara Kosmyna.

What do you love about the idea of being a writer? If you are a writer, what is the best part of getting the words out?

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One Comment

  1. Mary
    Posted May 6, 2011 at 5:15 am | Permalink

    Sounds like a dream job. I like the parts, making your own hours and writing about what you like. Also with each article you write,
    you are constantly learning through your research.

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