5 Reasons You Need to Take Your Resume Online

Things have certainly changed since the days of typewritten resumes mailed to employers in hopes of getting noticed by hiring managers. Unfortunately, what hasn’t changed is the resume itself. We can send a resume at near the speed of light across the world, but the resume is still a sheet of paper with bullet points that struggle to convey our very best points.

Enter the online resume. Combining social media, analytics, and multimedia, savvy jobseekers can now build resumes online that let employers sample their portfolios and connect with them instantly. One of these, YellowBrickRoad.com, lets users set up an online resume that can be searched by employers for free. Sign up for their free resume builder to try it out.

Recent trends in job search show that these online resumes will become more important for jobseekers looking to stand out from their peers in the next five years. Here are five of the most important benefits online resumes have to offer:

1. You can show more.

The best online resumes give you more than a resume template to fill out; they let you attach your work to them so employers can browse your actual work. For example, YellowBrickRoad.com lets users add images, documents, spreadsheets, and web addresses to their resume. To see these items, employers need only click.

Marcus Varner, product manager at YellowBrickRoad.com, says, “We wanted to shorten the distance between the employer and the candidate’s actual work. Ordinary resumes make employers guess, which isn’t very good for the candidate.”

2. It shows you’re tech-savvy.

Knowledge of computers and especially Web technology has become a must at most workplaces. Online resumes give jobseekers the chance to show off their tech-savvy in a very practical way. Just by creating a resume online and sending the URL to an employer, a jobseeker is showing they know the basics of using the Internet and using it to be more effective.

3. Employers are web-stalking you.

Studies show that more employers are using the Web to research job candidates before making hiring decisions. For better or worse, jobseekers’ activities online say a lot about them. With a simple Google search, employers can find out about your communication skills, work ethic, and trustworthiness. Creating an online resume ensures that employers see a jobseeker’s favorable side first, instead of their party page on MySpace.

“We designed YellowBrickRoad.com to be the first thing an employer sees of you when they Google you,” says Varner. “And the first thing they’ll see is a clean, professional, resume-style page that allows them to see your best stuff first.”

4. Employers can find you.

Jobseekers spend a lot of time trying to get employers to notice them. However, an increasing number of employers are taking to the Web to find candidates, sometimes even before they post a job. Some of the best online resumes are optimized for search engines like Google or Bing. On YellowBrickRoad.com, for instance, resumes are optimized to be the first thing an employer sees when they search for a specific skill set in a specific geographic area.

5. It’s easier to share.

Sharing resumes via email is sluggish in comparison to the speed at which information travels now on social networks like Twitter or Facebook. Online resumes are often integrated with social networks, meaning they can be shared and spread the same way viral videos spread on YouTube. This offers an advantage to online jobseekers that can’t be matched by plain old email.

“If you want to stand out from the crowd, there’s no better way than creating a digital resume on the Web. With so many tools available, it really is the best way to show who you really are and what you have to offer,” says Varner. “In some ways, it’s better than a job interview.”

To try out YellowBrickRoad.com’s online resume, register below or visit the homepage.

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