5 Resume Ideas to Demonstrate Social Media Skills

Social media is one of the most powerful tools in the business world today. As a college student or a new grad you are of the generation that is most comfortable utilizing this important tool. This makes you an asset to the work world. Emphasize this ability by incorporating social media features into your resume. Doing so will show employers that you understand social networking in a much more fashionable way that just listing social media experience as a skill on your resume.

Here are five ways to improve your resume with social media:

  1. Create a video resume.
  2. This shows that you’re on top of all of the latest technology and that you understand the integration of audio, video and data. It gives you a chance to show off your great personality in a much more impressive format than a paper resume. And it gives you a chance to show off your ability to utilize YouTube, one of the most important social media sites today! Bonus points if you can get it to go viral! Don’t know how to create a video resume? Learn how here!

  3. Set up a HubPages account with articles relevant to your resume.
  4. HubPages is a site where you can write articles of your choosing on any topic. Create an account that allows you to show off all of the skills that you list on your resume. For example, on your resume you might have that you’re a great leader so on your HubPages account you would have several articles that all describe what a great leader is. You might also include informative pieces about your industry in general. You should link to your HubPages account in your cover letter or on your resume with a note to go there to see examples. You should take the time to promote your articles around the web so that they rank high. This shows that you have the ability to use social media for promotion of online materials. As a bonus you can actually earn some passive income from your HubPages articles.

  5. Host your resume online with a great URL.
  6. Resume hosting means that you have an online interactive version of your resume. Make sure that you choose a highly professional URL because that’s a good social media practice to demonstrate. Ideally this resume will be on your own site with a blog attached and you can use the blog in a manner similar to the way you would use a HubPages account to share your knowledge and show off your social promotion abilities.

  7. Get interviewed on a blog.
  8. Find a blog that is willing to interview you on a topic that is relevant to the position you are seeking. Work hard to promote that interview around the web using social networking and social bookmarking sites. Link to the interview on your resume in the “awards and honors” section. This helps to establish your credibility in the industry. At the same time, the social promotion that you demonstrate of the post itself highlights your social media talents. Related alternatives to this option are to do a guest post on a blog and to write a social media press release with a link back to your online resume in the bio.

  9. Include your social networking links on your resume.
  10. At the very least you want to make sure that your professional social networking links are on your resume. This may include LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Make sure that every single thing that is on those accounts is work-appropriate so that potential employers are impressed by your use of social media rather than shocked by it!

What do you think is the biggest risk of using social media to promote a resume? Share your concerns in the comments!

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