5 Simple Ways to Market Your Blog

To my fellow writers,

I’m so happy you found this post. As a blogger for a few years now, I feel it is my duty to share whatever kernels of knowledge I’ve uncovered—no matter how small they are.

I’ve taken many courses in writing, a few in publishing, and plenty in editing. I’ve written for a general blog I created for fun to share my nonfiction writing, one I recently gave birth to about beauty, and now, this one: a career advice guide for anyone looking to advance professionally.

As I imagine one of your main goals is to have a web presence, I’ve written this post for you: the new blogger who has something to say and wants people to hear it, the expert with lots of information to share with the public, the for fun writer who wants to enjoy blogging as a way to connect with others.

I can’t guarantee that the advice to follow will catapult your blog to number one on a Google search, but I can tell you that it will help—if not only to get the wheels of your brain churning.

Let’s get started!

Five tips to market and advertise your blog on- and offline:

1. Be socially active.

I tried deleting Facebook a long time ago. Needless to say, it didn’t work. In fact, I encourage you to friend me if you’re on the site. The reason behind this request is that technology has taken over the social world. The more people you network with, the more your work will have a chance to be seen. I’m a fellow blogger, and I’m always looking for ways to network with people like you!

I recommend joining networking sites, like Twitter and LinkedIn, and posting updates with links to your page and feed. Be sure to follow your friends back, and don’t be afraid to send a friend request with a professional message, if you feel you have something to offer to that person.

2. Join groups, organizations, and sites about your topic.

Whatever your topic is, I guarantee there are other people interested in it. Don’t believe me? Let Google prove me right by searching for forums where lots of people have a virtual presence. The benefit to starting a dialogue with these people is that they obviously enjoy typing, commenting, and keeping the conversation going. You can also try attending a continuing education class to meet new and interesting people like yourself.

3. Attend relevant events.

Aside from virtual venues, look for local opportunities to brush elbows with other people. I attend beauty shows in the mall not only to learn about the newest trends in cosmetics and fashion, but to mingle with others. Talk up professionals, as well. Perhaps you can discuss mutual promotion ideas.

4. Post photos with searchable names.

Two words: Google images. Everyday, swarms of people flock to the internet to find relevant photos for their sites. Sometimes they click on a photo and get lost looking at the blog it came from. If you use photos on your site, which you should, be sure to name them something searchable. A photo of a girl could be called “Girl,” but that’s so unspecific. Think of something concrete that someone might search for. Now, someone looking for a picture of a girl with long eyelashes might type “Girl with long eyelashes.” So, I would recommend calling it that if it holds true for the photo. Format the name like this: Girl-with-long-eyelashes. The hyphens make things easier to find.

5. Write for another site or publication to reach a broader audience.

Have you ever noticed the biography after an author’s article? Chances are good that if you liked the article, you did. You probably wanted to learn where the writer went to school and where you can find more of their work. When you write for other venues, you open yourself up not only to a wider audience base, but you also allow them the ability to find more of your work. Include your blog’s web address in any articles you publish online or offline.

Remember: Whatever your topic is, be sure to have fun when posting and talking about your subject. Someone who enjoys what he or she does will attract more people no matter what.

For more by Sara Kosmyna.

I would love to hear about you, your blog, and any marketing tips you can share. Have no shame in promoting yourself here!

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  1. Mary
    Posted June 10, 2011 at 7:03 am | Permalink

    Thanks for all the info. I espcially like the photo idea.

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