5 Steps to Use Twitter in Your Job Search

As a powerful communication and networking tool, Twitter can be an important part of your job search strategy. Not only can you use Twitter as a venue to advertise your abilities and spread the word that you’re a job seeker, but you can also use Twitter to attract, actively search for and connect with recruiters and companies.

Follow these five steps to maximize the power of your job search using Twitter:

  1. Make an Excellent First Impression
  2. The way you make a first impression on Twitter is through your Twitter photograph. Start with a welcoming profile photograph in which you’re smiling at the camera, expressing your eagerness for a new position. If possible, get a professional shot done and wear professional clothes. Make sure you use the same photograph for all of your social media identities because it will become a part of your brand.

  3. Strategize Your Twitter Profile Page
  4. Now you need to make sure that the rest of your profile page is up to par by presenting a strong bio. In the 160-character limit, include a short and concise version of your elevator pitch with keywords that refer to your desired field and expertise. Apart from the bio, you can also include one website link on Twitter. Take advantage of this space to link to your blog or online digital resume.

  5. Establish Your Expertise
  6. Before you start reaching out to others, establish yourself in the Twitter world as an expert in your field, passionate about your expertise. Post tweets that are valuable for people in your community, such as recommended websites, personal tips and motivational quotes.

    People will start to notice you, follow you and retweet your posts. Guard the content of your tweets because once you start connecting with important people and companies, they will judge you based on the value you add to conversations. With your tweets, you may even attract recruiters who are looking for important people in their field.

  7. Connect with the Right People
  8. Once you have a solid number of followers and are regularly tweeting, start connecting with industry experts, recruiters, hiring managers and companies that you’re interested in by searching for keywords in your field. Engage them in conversation through mentions and direct messages, and send them a modified version of your elevator pitch.

    Always respond to and interact with people who follow you, especially if they seem to have similar interests, because you never know how they can support you or help you out. Mention their Twitter ID when retweeting their posts to help them gain more visibility as well.

  9. Sift Through Job Listings
  10. Follow @MicroJobs and search for the hashtag #TweetMyJobs to get access to hundreds of job listings. You can also sign up for TweetMyJobs.com for free and get instant updates on job openings in your field and area to your Twitter feed or mobile phone. If it’s more convenient for you, you can sign up to receive daily updates by email or RSS instead.

In what ways have you used Twitter to help you find a job?

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  1. Vinny T
    Posted June 2, 2011 at 12:28 pm | Permalink

    Wow! So that’s what you’re doing on Twitter all day.I’m still not sure that I understand it all, but if you prefer the “twitter” kingdom to the more conventional [and possibly obsolete] methods of looking for work, why not? Especially if it’s working for you!! Thanks for keeping me informed,

  2. Posted June 6, 2011 at 3:49 am | Permalink

    That’s exactly it, Vinny! I think that if you’re already a Twitter user, these tips help you take advantage of the platform in a different way. Other people may be more comfortable with the “more conventional methods” you speak of! =)

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