5 Tips for Better Organization

Do you envy the corner office not because of its location but because of how neat and orderly it appears from behind the cluttered piles of documents atop your desk? It doesn’t take a magic spell to become a better organizer—however, there are some mystical solutions out there for all of my New Age readers. In fact, all you need are a few freeing tips, many of which can be applied to your home, as well.

Here are five foolproof tips for freeing up your space:

1. Use a scheduling tool.

Are you guilty of abusing Post-it notes? While they’re great in theory, these brightly colored paper squares do not replace a calendar, schedule book, or planner. If you find yourself living chaotically amid too many colorful notes, it’s time to upgrade. Leave the stickies for quick note taking that can easily be discarded. I like to use a monthly planner so I can see what events are coming well in advance. It’s much easier than sifting through my purse for random pieces of paper. Find what tool works best for you, and make the most of organizing your commitments.

2. Arrange and rearrange.

Sometimes the furniture just doesn’t work where it is. Lots of people use Feng Shui to make the most of their space and to create an atmosphere that promotes a good work or home environment. If your space feels uncomfortable, if you continuously hit your leg on the copier, or if you can’t access certain areas, you’re in need of some motivated moving. Take a few minutes to reorder things in your mind. Try to imagine how it would look, and then make small improvements. Try different strategies, and keep working at it until your office area feels finished.

3. Buy storage bins or furniture.

Have you ever heard of Bed, Bath, and Beyond or Ikea? If you haven’t, today is your lucky day. These affordable stores offer attractive furnishings with storage capabilities built inside. From futons and ottomans to foot rests and end tables, the possibilities are endless. Browse online or take a ride to your nearest location to start planning how you’re going to utilize your space.

4. Alphabetize client lists for easier accessibility.

When you’re a busy worker it can be easy to acquire massive amounts of random papers, forms, and other printed information. As a writer, I know this all too well. If you have a system for client files, networking contacts, and other necessary data, you should try to put things in order by last name or by the most important date. Struggling to find something at the last minute, in a messy office, is the worst! Avoid this office blunder by organizing your important material into an easily accessible system.

5. Use a paper shredder.

Can you imagine how empty life would be without junkmail, coupons, and catalogues? Oh, the horror! Actually, there might be a few less hoarders without them. Whoever invented the paper shredder, Wikipedia credits a man by the name of Abbot Augustus Low of New York, thank you! This machine is great at destroying documents that contain confidential information like social security numbers, birthdates, health history reports, and secret love letters. Anyone who works in an office that handles a lot of paperwork should have a shredder handy. It saves time and money, and it can help you to avoid potential legal issues that could arise. Who knew?

These five tips will help you create more room in your professional area, and that will help to clear your mind from the clutter of not knowing where anything is.

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How do you keep things organized?

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