5 Ways to Impress in a Job Interview

5 tips to impressing your interviewerThe job market is tough right now. How can you stand out from the sea of other people who are applying for the same job that you’re applying for? Here are five tips that should help you out at your next job interview:

1. Arrive at the right time

Many people don’t know what the appropriate time to arrive at a job interview is. It’s 5-10 minutes before the interview is set to start. This gives you enough time to make a good impression and to fill out any paperwork that might be given to you when you arrive. Any earlier than this and you look a little bit desperate. Any later and you’re cutting it too close to making it seem like you’re not an on-time employee.

2. Skip the gimmicks

We so often hear that we should do something special to stand out in an interview. We are told to bring a gift, arrive with a YouTube video of how we fit in with the company or show up already wearing a company branded T-shirt. However, many of these interview gimmicks backfire. To really stand out, you want to simply provide a solid professional interview that doesn’t rely on gimmicks.

3. Answer questions honestly

We all know the answers that we are “supposed” to give at an interview. For example, we know that when asked about our plans to stay at the company, we are supposed to give a vague answer that suggests that we are excited to think about long-term options within the business but don’t expect the company to commit to keeping us long-term. Although you should certainly do your best to make a good impression, you should answer all questions honestly, as though you are talking to a well-respected friend. This genuine approach will help you find a job that you’re really well suited for and will impress the interviewer because it will be different from the canned responses everyone else is giving. Even for the most difficult interview questions, there are simple, effective responses.

4. Address your flaws honestly and show what you do to compensate for them

Many people go into an interview worried about what they are going to do wrong. They notice the mistakes that they make and then they get more flustered and the interview goes downhill from there. When you make a mistake or start feeling the anxiety of your flaws coming on, immediately address the issue. For example, if you find yourself hesitating over an answer to a question, go ahead and actually explain why. For example, you might say that you tend to have difficulty with on the spot questions but that you are excellent at doing extensive research and forming a thorough response when similar situations arise in an actual work environment. Saying this aloud will help to calm down your anxieties so that you can move forward with answering the question. (Make sure that you do address the full question, though, and don’t just give an excuse for not having the “right” answer.) This will also allow the interviewer to see a very human side of you and to see how you solve problems that arise in regular situations. Also, be ready to respond to potential flaws in your resume.

5. Follow up with a thorough response that shows off what you want to show to the interviewer

Once the interview is over, you should go home and compose an email to follow up with the person who has interviewed you. Of course you should thank them for their time and stress that you’re still interested in the job. However, you should go above and beyond this to really get the attention of the interviewer. You should actually show something about yourself. For example, if you said in your interview that you aren’t good at on the spot questions, you might follow up by more fully answering one of the questions that came up in the interview. This makes you stand out and shows off a skill that you have that might set you apart from other interviewees.

Want more great expert advice on job interviews? Watch the video below.

What job interview advice have you received that you feel was completely off base and has not served you well? Share your answer in the comments to help others with their job interviews!

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