5 Ways to Make Your Mentorship Meaningful

Have you ever felt overwhelmed while wondering how you’re going to make it in your chosen field? It can be difficult and intimidating to imagine being the sole guide on an unknown journey. There’s no doubt that certain situations will crop up in life, and you will have questions about how to handle them the best way. Though Google and other sites are wonderful for generating quick answers and information, they can’t replace the power of having a career mentor. Whether you search online, meet at a job or internship fair, work together, or come from the same family, having a helpful mentor can do wonders for you and getting you where you want to be.

Here are five ways a professional mentor can help anyone in any field:

1. They can teach you.

You weren’t born reciting the alphabet or writing in cursive. Every skill you’ve acquired up until now has been taught to you by someone who knew it before you did. Finding a mentor in your field can be the equivalent to taking a continuing education course. Whether you’re unsure of how to do something, or you just want someone to share your questions with, a mentor can be the answer.

2. They can recommend you.

Having a list of good references is crucial to getting ahead. Employers look for people with a few professionals who can vouch for them. A mentor in your field is one of the most relevant references you can find. If you’re new to pursuing a certain career path, it would be wise to intern or do informational interviews to network with potential coworkers, bosses, or mentors. Some industries encourage “shadowing” for a day. That is following a professional around to obtain a glimpse at a day in his or her life.

3. They can offer you a job.

Who in the professional world will know you better than a mentor? They’ve already taught you a lot of what you know. They’re willing to say great things about you to any other employer. Perhaps they know your work style, as well. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that maybe you would work well together. Just imagine being your idol’s protégé! How cool does that sound? Anything is possible.

4. They can become an ally in your field.

Really, there don’t seem to be any setbacks to having a mentor. Aside from the above benefits, a mentor can even become a friend and supporter of what you do. Whether you work together, or not, having an ally in your industry is a great way to get in the know of new ideas, studies, practices, etc. People tend to be passionate about their work. A mentor can be the friend you need to bounce off ideas.

5. They can give you a break.

This reinforces what has been said earlier. If a good deal comes their way, you may be the first person who pops into your mentor’s head. That opportunity can be a position working side by side with your career guide. If that’s the case, then your mentor will already be on your side. They may be more inclined to offer you benefits, paid training, or other opportunities because of the amount of potential they know you have.

These five reasons to find a mentor are great incentives to get moving. Introduce yourself to new people, make connections, and find someone who can help you become a better version of yourself. For more help on your way to the top, create a free professional profile. Best of luck!

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Have you found a mentor yet? If so, I’d love to know how they’ve helped you professionally. Were they all things I mentioned, or did you benefit in some other way? Share below.

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