5 Ways to Stay Creative in a “Boring” Job

Use fun colors to make your work space look interesting.

Let’s face it, not every job has the wow factor. Some positions are actually quite boring, but somebody’s got to do it, right? Your job may have you asking questions like, “What is creativity?” or “Isn’t there anything more stimulating out there?” You’re not alone. Many people work in fields that require the same repetitive actions and little changes. Sometimes technical work can feel like a drag. My goal is to help you overcome your feelings of desperation by offering you a few creativity exercises to help you stop hating your job and start staying creative.

Here are five great ways to make your job feel more appealing:

1. Hone in on what you like about your work.

If you find your job boring, it can be very beneficial to think about the good parts of your work. Are you doing what you love? Do you enjoy the company of your coworkers? Is your stress level relatively low? These are all things to be thankful for and to embrace when facing a boring career. Pinpointing the good aspects of your work will allow you to change your outlook, and it will open you up to finding more areas to enjoy. They don’t say misery loves company for nothing. Your job may be boring, but there’s a reason you wanted it in the first place. Return to your earlier place of contentment.

2. Come up with solutions and alternate ways to get the job done.

If your job permits a little wiggle room with task managing, now is the time to see how far you can stretch it. Make a list of your duties, and try to come up with ways to test your creativity. Can you reorganize things based on color, style, type, etc.? Finding fun alternatives will depend on your job description, so put in a little brain power to uncover new ways to challenge your current style.

3. Add personal touches.

When I worked as an intern I always got a kick out of using the internet. Every day I clicked on the words “Not Avocado” instead of “Internet Explorer.” Renaming things on your desktop can be fun and humorous. Personal touches like these can help you to value your workspace a little more because they add a bit of your personality to your job. If you frequently sign documents, you can have a little creative fun by playing with your signature. Imagine yourself as a famous actor or musician. What would your name look like written on a fan’s photograph or t-shirt? If you really want to be daring, try using a different font for documents, redesign your business cards, or change your email page’s format. Don’t be afraid to have fun with the little things!

4. Surround yourself with creativity.

It’s very important to keep a work environment that makes you feel good. If your job makes you feel drained of all creativity, take pleasure in decorating your space. Use whimsical art and funny sayings to breathe a little life into your work area. Put quotes on creativity in frames or pinned to the wall. If you want to find thought-provoking work from a famous artist, check out Salvador Dali’s collection. He pretty much drew the definition of creativity.

5. Take breaks for “me” time.

If all else fails, don’t let your creative side die a slow, painful death. Make time to do the things you love—whether it’s writing, drawing, photography, painting, playing music, or creating anything in any capacity. You can do this during your lunch break or your free time. You have to feed your hunger to create. Creativity in business can be yours. Use it to make your life feel fuller and more satisfying.

The inability to feel like you’re staying creative can eventually cause you to leave a perfect field of work because you aren’t fulfilled. These tips are meant to take you from feeling bland and tired to upbeat and happy. Good luck on your way to a more creative day!

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How do you feed your creative side?

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