6 Fashion Staples for Career People

Want to know one of my favorite things about going to a job outside of my home? Aside from getting dolled up by doing my hair and makeup, it’s picking out the proper clothing to get the job done right. Depending on your field and the position you have, your professional wardrobe may require a little tweaking. However, these six types of attire are classics that never go out of style, so stock up!

1. Trench Coat

Come rain, wind, or shine, this handy piece is perfect to get you to work. I’ve read countless fashion books and magazines, and one of the most mentioned fashion items is the trench coat. They come in many different lengths, colors and styles. A very flattering length is one that falls right above the knee. I prefer a neutral tan color—there’s something about it that just screams “cool journalist”—but I’ve seen gorgeous coats in a variety of patterns and shades. Choose one that isn’t too trendy, as you want the coat to last a while.

2. Blazer

As a New Jersey native, I spent a lot of time in my local malls. One of the things I loved the most was walking into fancy department stores and seeing the made-up ladies who looked perfectly professional in their fitted black dress jackets. This style seemed a signature to the female workers, but I quickly learned of its versatility anytime I looked in the Men’s Department. A blazer can be paired with matching pants, a t-shirt and jeans, or, for women specifically, a camisole and skirt.

3. Vest

Few fashion pieces make me go gaga like a fabulous fitted vest. These have a formal flair paired over a variety of tops. On hot days, or in a warm office, a tank top can be perked up instantly by adding a vest in a dark color. The look is also great worn over a button-down shirt—another must-have for men and women.

4. Black Pants

Slimming. Sexy. Sophisticated. Whether  you like leather, spandex, or cotton, everyone should own a good pair of black slacks. These can be floor-length, cropped, boot-cut, or even skinny. Black is a great color for when you want to look dressed up, and it goes with EVERYTHING!

5. Stylish, Comfortable Shoes

Have you ever worked a day in the wrong shoes? If you have, you will definitely know what I’m talking about. Ugh, I can remember a day in New York City when I cared more about coolness than I did comfort. Before the day was over, both of my ankles had given out and I was hobbling in zebra pumps to the nearest shoe store. Can you guess what I bought to save my feet? A pair of ballet flats. The relief was practically orgasmic. Whether you love looking stylish in stilettos or slamming in strappy sandals, your top priority should be comfort. Look for a pair of shoes that you find attractive and easy to walk in. Spending a little extra is definitely encouraged here.

6. Signature Accessory

Now, for even more fun! When I was a little girl I always looked for unique rings and fashion accessories that would say something about me. Things haven’t changed much. I think work is the perfect place to show off a little bit of what makes you special. Guys can have fun with ties, cufflinks, belts and hats. Women can choose purses, jewelry, scarves, and glasses. Of course some of these items are interchangeable between sexes. Mix it up!

I hope you enjoyed this post. Fashion is one of my favorite things, and I think it can be a lot of fun to play around with your style. If you have any tips or tricks, please share them with other readers. We all want to be fabulous.

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What do you think of this advice? Where do you love to get a good deal?

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