6 More Ways to Get Motivated About Your Career

You’ve learned the first four ways to jump start your levels of internal excitement and motivation. Now, here are even more tips and tough love advice to increase your feelings of positive motivation. You want to be a success story, right? Then continue reading to find out how to keep the momentum going when it comes to career motivation.

These 6 simple statements can take you from ordinary to extraordinary:

1. Success is subjective.

Inspirational stories of success are all different. What satisfies one person isn’t good enough for another. Use motivation images in visualization techniques to create a clear picture of what success means to you. Since everyone’s idea of the ultimate accomplishment is different, you can learn a great deal about what your goals and aspirations are. It’s important to live to your standards and no one else’s. Understand this principle, and you will never feel inadequate or inflated.

2. If money were no object, what would you do?

This question is great when it comes to work motivation. Finding a job that makes you feel fulfilled is important. It’s easy to get motivated when we work on something we care about. Think about this question and try to find parts of your job or dream job that make you happy. Focus on those, and the excitement and motivation to do more things that bring a good reaction will give you the energy to pursue more satisfying opportunities.

3. Only you can get in your way.

Lack of motivation can be blamed on a variety of things from a bad romance to a crummy boss. In high school I was the queen of excuses, racking up a catalogue of absences so thick it’s a wonder I ever made it to college. I can tell you from experience, excuses are not the answer to getting ahead. If you use them, you will cheat only yourself in the end. Take responsibility for how you let yourself feel and change whatever isn’t working for you. It’s easy to become your own worst enemy, but it’s even easier to become your best ally. Get out of your own way!

4. Every day is a new beginning.

Career motivation can start at any time. There are stay-at-home parents who go back to work and tycoons who switch to more humble careers. Singers become actors and real people become reality stars in the blink of an eye. If you’ve been living a boring life because you haven’t used many motivation techniques, now is the time to change it. Richard Simmons didn’t become famous simply because he was proven to be the best personal trainer of all time. Much of his success was built on his ability to use motivating exercises to help his clients see that they could make an improvement at any time. Don’t allow yourself to stay in a rut. A new day can equal a new you.

5. You can learn how far you can go only by trying.

Motivational success stories come from people who take risks and push themselves to their limits. You can guess what you’re capable of, but you’ll never truly know unless you put yourself to the test. Try new things; go after projects that scare you; stand up to bullies and big shots. No one on this planet is more deserving than the next, but there’s a reason they say you reap what you sow. Success is earned. Help yourself achieve it.

6. You can be happy and successful.

What an inspiring thought. Success is subjective, and once you reach your idea of what it is you can be happy. Try to be realistic when setting goals and aiming to achieve. If you raise the bar too high too soon, your levels of positive motivation could plummet to a lack of motivation. Being your best friend means that you won’t be too hard on yourself. Happiness comes to those who let themselves feel content with their accomplishments . Aim for that.

Now that you know these motivation tips, you can tackle the working world without relying on a cup of caffeinated coffee for inspiration. You’ve got what it takes, so use it!

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What are some of your favorite motivating exercises, success stories, and quotes of motivation. Please help others by answering below.

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