6 Things to Do During a Work Hiatus

Sometimes the cards we’re dealt aren’t the ones we’d choose for ourselves. This is a sad fact about life, but as they say, when one door closes, another opens. Whether you’re experiencing a break in your work schedule due to a move, lay off, firing, or anything else, there are plenty of options that can keep you productive and busy until your next big break.

These six activities can help you through any temporary situation. From personal experience I know they work, so listen up!

1. Continue Your Education

These classes are a great way to enrich your brain, keep up with competition, and make your resume stand out in a good way. Some people sit around during time away from work. Others make a full-time job out of finding a new gig. Whatever you decide for yourself, enrolling in courses—some are free—can be a great way to stay busy and relevant.

2. Nab an Internship

Before you skip over this heading in search of what you think is more relevant material, you should know that you’re never too old to intern. Aside from that, did you know that some internships are actually paid? You heard that right! You can be compensated for your time and effort, so hop on the internet in search of your next opportunity.

3. Volunteer for a Good Cause

A lot of people love many different things. If you’re collecting unemployment and you don’t feel you need to find a job immediately, or if you don’t want to spend the entire day in search of a job, you can fill your new schedule by spending some time volunteering. From helping the homeless and elderly to caring for abused animals and children, there is something out there for everyone. Aside from assisting others for a good cause, spending time helping others can be therapeutic.

4. Play on the Computer

Sounds like fun, right? Surfing the web is already something we all do, however we don’t always use it to its best capabilities. The internet has become a great tool for networking, researching, and learning new things. During time away from a job, you can utilize search engines like Bing to uncover job leads or other opportunities. Joining social networking sites like Facebook and Linkedin can work wonders. You can meet others in your field, find a mentor, or be found by a recruiter.

5. Rework Your Resume

Time off can be great for reflecting on life and whether or not the career path you’re taking is the one you want to stay on. During these moments it’s great to look over your resume. Often times, resumes don’t get updated regularly.  If you’re resume needs sprucing up, then you came to the right place. Yellow Brick Road offers a *free*resume builder, among other tools for professionals. Make the most of it!

It’s very important to stay focused during your time away from work. Negative thinking is a big no-no, so rather than let yourself feel down and out, you can be proactive. This will set a good example for your children, if you have them, your family, and yourself. Enjoy this time away from work, and make the most of it. I wish you all the success in the world. Good luck!

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Have you recently found yourself in a similar situation? If so, I’d like to know what you’ve been doing to stay busy during your work hiatus. These can be career related or personally enjoyable. Share below.

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  1. Posted June 30, 2011 at 8:21 pm | Permalink

    Hi Sara,
    My blog was a result of a work hiatus. I know that blogs take some time and effort in order to create a full time income from. But I am glad that I have another source of income in case a hiatus occurs again.

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