7 Career Options in Culinary Arts

career options for culinary gradsCulinary Arts is a popular career choice for those in school as well as those professionals that are already well established in their careers. This ever growing industry is perfect for individuals that love food. For individuals that are new to the culinary profession or are seasoned veterans, there are a number of career options for individuals with training in the culinary arts including:

1. Owner-operator of your own restaurant

One of the leading reasons people choose to go to culinary school is so that they can learn all that there is to learn about opening their own restaurant. And after gaining some experience in the kitchen as well as with the business and marketing side of things, it may be time for these chefs to start their own establishment.

2. Chef or head cook at someone else’s restaurant

This is one of the most common positions that individuals get into after completing their degree. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that chefs earn a respectable median annual wage of about $39,000. However this can be a lot higher for people who are working at fancy restaurants.

3. Pastry Chef

Many people who go to culinary school are specifically interested in baking and choose to get into the work of preparing baked goods for restaurants and/or catering companies.

4. Sommelier

This is someone who is specifically interested in wine. They work at high-end hotels and restaurants, helping customers to select the right type of wine for any meal. They also help the restaurant owner to choose wines for the restaurant.

5. Food writer

The knowledge of food that you gain from going to culinary school can be applied to writing about food as a career. You may write cookbooks or restaurant reviews or travel stories that focus on the food in different destinations.

6. Celebrity chef

People today have been exposed to many different television shows that feature people who cook for a living. It is possible to get your own television show and to become a minor celebrity chef in your own right after getting some experience in the field.

7. Food prep workers and line chefs

You don’t have to attend a culinary school to work your way into these positions in the food industry. However, it does help to have an edge up with all of the competition in the job market today. To learn more about culinary careers, this video is highly informative:

What career option appeals to you most if you were to get a culinary degree? Share your answers in the comments!

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