7 Jobs that Work with Kids

work with kids

Many people look around at the  increasingly difficult world and think about how different things are for kids nowadays.  Kids have less support and fewer resources, and a lot of people would like to help them out.  Others just find that being around kids helps them keep an open and excited view on life.  People who want to spend their days working with kids often turn immediately to teaching as a career, but there are a lot of other choices for those who like kids.

1.  Teacher’s Aid or Paraprofessional

These are education professionals who work with teachers, but they are not responsible for the entire course of the classroom.  Paraprofessionals work with kids who need extra help, they provide extra supervision for classrooms, and they help the class during activities.  Paraprofessionals are especially valuable in special education classrooms, where students need closer supervision and teachers need more help.  You don’t have to have a degree to be a paraprofessional, but many paraprofessionals are teachers in training, or certified employees waiting for a teaching opening.

2.  Child Psychologist or Therapist

A psychologist has to have a PhD in psychology, and a therapist or counselor needs a master’s degree.  These professionals work with kids and families to help them communicate better, deal with their feelings, and make good choices.  Psychologists and therapists are often with kids in the darkest times of their lives, and can make a real difference in how kids face the future.

3.  Camp or Recreation Center Director

Someone who works with the YMCA or YWCA, runs after school programs, or runs a camp get the best of all possible worlds.  They get paid for something they enjoy, and they get to play games and do fun activities with kids all day long.  What could be better?

4.  Day Care Center Owner or Worker

With few modifications to your house and an inspection from the state, you can work at home and get paid to watch kids.  If you’d rather not work from your home, you can get hired at a day care.  You’ll probably have to undergo a background check, and day care workers don’t get paid a lot, but some people find that it’s worth it to be able to spend your days with babies and toddlers.

5.  Early Childhood Development Specialist

These are usually preschool teachers who have a degree in early childhood education.  In their care, 3 and 4 year olds get more than just babysitting; they get to learn in a fun and safe environment.  This position doesn’t usually pay very much at the start, but it can lead to higher positions as a supervisor or director.

6. Pediatric Nurse

Pediatric nurses get to watch out for the health and welfare of kids, and they also get to be there for kids when they are feeling bad or in pain.  Some people are dedicated to making things better for kids, and pediatric nurses get to do that every day.  You have to have at least an associate’s degree to get an RN and be a nurse, and the best positions are usually given to people who have a BSN.  Nursing is one of the most secure and fastest growing career fields in the country.

7.  Youth Minister

Most religious groups are committed to raising their kids within the faith community, so many of them hire ministers who are specially trained to help children and teens grow spiritually.  A youth minister understands children and youth’s emotional, spiritual, and intellectual development, and is skilled in the kinds of activities that mean the most to kids.  Youth ministers often don’t get paid very well, but they have a great time focusing on the two things they care about most-their faith and kids.

For those people dedicated to the well-being of children, one of these jobs can provide a good way to both make a living and make a difference in the world.

Are you interested in working with kids? In our list above, did we miss any jobs? Tell us in the comments below!

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