A+ For University and College Extracurricular Activities

Summer job search hasn’t gone as well as you hoped?

Wondering how to get valuable experience on your resume while still in school?

Don’t think your arts degree is going to get you a job?

Hopefully you chose a university or college with a variety of extracurricular activities available. University and college extracurricular activities allow students to gain real world experience beyond the classroom, a necessity for landing that summer job or first entry-level career position.

Not only will you boost your chances of getting employed, you are more likely to get better grades and stick in school if you are involved in extracurriculars.

Get Involved, Stay Involved

A 2009 study conducted¬† by California State University, Sacramento, recommended that universities increase support of their extracurricular programs in order to increase student’s academic records.

The study also found that students’ with both high and low high school GPAs involved in extracurricular sports in college achieved better academic performance than students who were not involved in exrtacurriculars. In addition, college students needing remediation (i.e. students on academic probation) who were involved in extracurriculars were more likely to stay in school longer.

Students classified as commuters were also found to be more likely to stay in school if they participated in extracurricular activities.

Balancing Act

My university was crazy for extracurriculars. Nearly everyone was involved in somethings and school spirit and morale was always high. It wasn’t uncommon for students to add a fifth (even sixth!) year to their degree in order to balance school and extracurriculars, which were like a full time job for many students.

When I was in university, there were times when my courses were almost an after-thought to the extracurriculars I was involved in. I knew I probably wouldn’t impress employers with my knowledge of 16th century English or Children’s Literature. I always maintained my grades, but I was always involved in an extracurricular that would boost my experience, resume and university social experience.

Know yourself and know your limits. Getting too involved can make your grades suffer. Getting too involved can also mean that you are spreading yourself thin between too many activities, when you could be better benefiting from committing to one activity per year or semester.

Feeling Entrepreneurial?

Although there is often something available for every interest, university or college offers you the chance to start up a group, team or publication with almost no risk. Some school offer small amounts of funding for students to start a new club or team. Much of the time, your university or college offers the facilities to start up a new venture with little or no money at all.

Imagine telling a potential employer about the success of club, publication or nonprofit you started in college? They’ll listen!

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