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Get Interested: Working “Likes” Into the Job

royalty free

Turning social contacts into business is certainly possible, but what about turning social interests into business? I <3 My Job I once worked for a mobile gaming company as a quality assurance analyst, which means I literally sat around for 40 hours a week testing cell phone games and submitting bug reports. Short of being […]

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Post-Graduate Entrepreneurs: Turning Social Contacts Into Business Partners

Creator: tungphoto

Whether unemployed or simply seeking a better paid opportunity than an entry-level position, starting one’s own business may pave a road to future financial freedom. Starting a business with a friend, on that note, makes the journey down that road all the more entertaining. Why Partner? Envy is a perfect example of two friends who […]

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Unemployed and Socially Anxious? Twice the Odds of Remaining Jobless


Finding a way to deal with the stress of unemployment helps in treating the symptoms; isolating the source of unemployment, however, can be a painful road of psychoanalysis.  Lie back on the couch, dear unemployed reader, and begin the examination. For some, the answer is simple: finding a job in this economy, despite every effort, […]

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Graduating in Epic Style

Graduation Cap

Graduation from college means three things: a) time to find a job, b) time to worry about paying back student loans, and c) time to party one last time in as epic a manner as possible. There’s no need to end up in Bangkok with Zach Galifianakis, missing a friend and in possession of a […]

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Go Outside: Walking is Free and College is Not

Photo: stefg74

Being on a college budget doesn’t mean every moment of free time outside of class should be spent browsing the Internet and playing CoD. There are other cost-effective things to do in the world, believe it or not. Even now, you sit here reading this blog entry, fully plugged into the Matrix. Have you been […]

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College’s Social Secret


I’ll admit it: I’m not exactly a connoisseur of all things decidedly “cool.”  My hobbies consist of playing obscure Japanese dancing games, channeling my chakra, and reading books.  Paper books. I blame it on the fact that I’m no longer in college living among my peers.  Campus life is a social cakewalk, given the variety […]

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Job Karma: Knowing How to Quit


Knowing when to quit a job is half the battle; however, knowing how to properly quit a job is nearly an art. Karmic retribution often follows the employee who quits on poor terms, as future employers frequently check references from previous positions. Quitting a job should not be synonymous with creating havoc for the company […]

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Work Abroad: Participating in Post-Degree Exchange Programs


Inspired by Nicole’s article regarding her regrets for not studying abroad, I thought I would share a personal anecdote on the subject: Hitting the Road During my stint at a university in New Hampshire, I had multiple opportunities to study abroad for a semester–but, initially, lacked the courage. My school offered a walk through Europe, […]

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The Sick System: Finding Health Coverage


Health coverage is an important factor to consider during the job hunt, particularly for new graduates approaching the age threshold in the United States; until age 26, young adults are able to be covered under a parent’s health insurance. 2014 brings with it more options for the individual who may not have the opportunity for […]

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Stepping Off of the Hamster Wheel


Former President John Adams once penned, “There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation: one is by the sword; the other is by debt.” His prophetic statement speaks volumes about the current state of the global economic attitude alongside the recent finance related suicides of citizens in Japan and the UK. While the […]

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