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School Psychologist Career

Career Overview School psychologists play a critical role in assisting students in early childhood, elementary, and secondary schools with their emotional and mental health. They work with teachers, administrators, family, and other school employees to ensure that students have a safe and healthy learning environment. They address individual students’ learning and behavioral problems, offer treatment […]

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School Counseling Career

school counselor career

Career Overview School counselors help students work through social, personal, academic, and behavioral problems. School counselors work with different age groups of children. There are elementary school counselors that work with children from preschool to middle and junior high ages. There are middle and high school counselors that assist children from about ages thirteen to […]

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Reporter Career

reporter careers

Career Overview Reporters are also known as news analysts, journalists, and correspondents. They collect data to prepare news stories for radio, the internet, and television to inform the public about breaking news. These news events can be on a local, state, national, and international scale. Reporters can also present specific points of view and reports […]

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Rehabilitation Counselor Careers

rehabilitation counselor career

Career Overview Rehabilitation counselors are responsible for helping people deal with disabilities. They counsel people with physical, emotional and mental disabilities from birth, by illness, or accidents. Rehabilitation counselors also help people find vocational training, arrange medical care, and job placements as well as assist patients with medical treatments including occupational and speech therapy. They […]

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Recreational Therapist Careers

recreational therapist degrees

Career Overview Recreational therapists provide physical/medical treatment and therapy for individuals with disabilities or recovering from illnesses or accidents. Recreational therapists are also sometimes called therapeutic recreation specialists. Therapy involves a huge range of activities from sports, games, dance and movement, community outings, to animals and sports. Therapists work to help patients reduce their stress, […]

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Probation Officer Career Field

po officer

Probation Officer Career Overview Probation officers are also called community supervision officers. They are responsible to supervise individuals who are on probation. Probation officers are different then parole officers who work with people who have served time in prison; probation officers work with individuals who have been sentenced to probation rather than prison. Probation officers […]

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Press Secretary Career Field

press secretary career

Career Overview Press secretaries generally work as government public relations specialists. A press secretary’s main responsibility is to serve as a spokesperson to the public about government affairs. They alert the public of travel advisories and events in foreign affairs. A congressional press secretary will represent the congress member to their constituents. As a public […]

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Political Scientist Career

political science

Career Overview Political scientists usually work normal 40-hour weeks in an office or cubicle. More than 63 percent of political scientists are employed by the federal government. Political scientists are responsible for conducting research on relationships between the United States and other countries. They also do research on political opinions in different areas on the […]

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Police Captain Career

police captain

Career Overview Police captains generally serve in a management or a superior role over other police officers on a local or municipal police force. Police captains spend most of their time managing and supervising other officers. They may also help manage and oversee reporting and maintenance of large scale investigations. It generally takes several years […]

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Plumbing Careers

plumbing careers

Plumbers are responsible for maintaining water fixtures and systems for residential and commercial buildings. They can also work with gas systems in homes ensuring they are properly installed. They install plumbing fixtures including showers, sinks, toilets, and bathtubs. They can also work with some outdoor water facilities. They may also install appliances including dishwashers, waste disposals, and water heaters. They maintain the pipes etc. that run water in and out of residential and commercial buildings.

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