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Legislative Aid Career Field

legislative aid

Legislative aides are also often called legislative assistants or staffers and work for a specific state or federal government official. They may be assigned to a specific area of legislation like taxes or healthcare. They may be responsible for following different legislation and researching the possible impacts of different legislation as it is passing through […]

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Publisher Career Field


Publishers are responsible for overseeing the publishing of printed materials from magazines to books. The publishing industry is now publishing materials in electronic formats including on CD, on Internet websites, and for E-Readers. Publishers need excellent communication, management, and computer skills. They must often make very important decisions regarding how and when to publish different […]

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Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor Career Field

vocational rehabilitation counselor

Vocational rehabilitation workers are also called rehabilitation counselors. They assist people who are dealing with the employment, personal, and social issues of disabilities. Their clients may have physical, emotional, and mental disabilities due to birth defects, illness, or accidents. They evaluate the assets and strengths of their clients and assist them in finding medical care, […]

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Youth Care Worker Career Field

youth care worker

Youth care workers are usually employed by facilities or shelters that provide support to runaway teenagers or adolescents who either have no family or are homeless. They may also provide counseling services to teens with emotional, drug, and psychological problems. A youth care worker’s responsibilities include documenting youth activities, assisting students with school work and […]

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Child Psychologist Career Field

child psychologist

Career Overview Child psychologists are clinical psychologists who have specialized in child psychology. Clinical psychologists work with patients, children, using interviews and diagnostic testing in their own practices. They can also provide family, group, and individual psychotherapy to help design and implement behavior medication programs for children. They can work in hospitals, universities, medical schools, […]

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Computer Scientist Careers

computer scientist

Career Overview Computer scientists generally work in labs, offices, and college departments. They are responsible for designing and creating new technologies created in regards to computers. They conduct research on computer hardware, design computer chips and processors, find new ways for information to be processed, and look at new ways for computer software to be […]

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Office Administrator Career Field

office administrator

Office administrators can also be secretaries or administrative assistants. They are responsible for managing and supervising all the activities that occur in a business office. They maintain the office by storing, retrieving, documenting, and integrating information for the business and its customers. Computer skills have become increasingly important for office administrators. They need excellent writing […]

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Certified Management Accountant (CMA) Career Field

Certified Management Accountant

Career Overview Certified Management Accountant (CMA) is a special certification that can be earned by accountants and auditors. Accountants and auditors are mainly responsible to ensure that businesses and organizations have accurate financial and public records. They also help to ensure that businesses pay their taxes on time and file accurate and correct records. Accountants […]

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Child Guidance Counselor Career Field

child guidance counselor

Career Overview Child guidance counselors provide assistance to students at all levels of education from elementary school to postsecondary schooling. Generally, child guidance counselors are more prone to be found working in the elementary school level, grades kindergarten through sixth grade in the traditional public school systems of the United States. Guidance counselors are also […]

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Landscaper Career Field


Landscapers and gardeners or landscape workers create new outdoor living spaces. They also help to upkeep and maintain existing landscaping. Their main responsibilities include planting of new landscaping like bushes, trees, lawn, and other vegetation. They also do maintenance to existing landscaping like edging, trimming, fertilizing, watering, and mulching. They also assist in shaping areas […]

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