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How To Upgrade Your Resume

improve resume

Practically all entry level job seekers would snicker (at the very least) if their new employer handed them a 3.5 inch floppy disk. A similar comical reaction would occur if the companies website was hosted by GeoCities, or inner-office communication rode on the back of AOL Instant Messenger. Technology in the work force is changing rapidly, but one antique entity still seems to be deeply entrenched in the corporate mindset; the traditional paper resume. Here are some ways to upgrade to Resume 2.0

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3 Tips to Get the Successful Look in the Workplace


I know, its not what your Mother taught you growing up. But the truth is, first impressions mean the world, and as “entry level candidates” we don’t have much in the way of experience for employers to evaluate our performance. Don’t think for a second they are non-judgmental; many heads of HR are more superficial than the cheerleaders from your high school days. What exactly are they evaluating you on? Your appearance, of course. Here are a few tips that go beyond the old manta of “Dress to Impress.”

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Craigslist: 3 Tips for Your Job Hunt


Perhaps it can be referred to as the grandfather of modern social networking, Craigslist connects people beyond socially (like it’s grandchild Facebook) but also for mutually beneficial business transactions: like selling unwanted items, renting apartments, and of course finding jobs. But there are a few overlooked tricks of the trade when it comes to Mr. Craig and his List….

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3 Reasons Moving Abroad Will Help You Professionally

living abroad

“Wow, so you lived in Taiwan for a while?” “Actually sir, it’s Thailand. It’s a beautiful country located in Southeast Asia, formally known as Siam.”

That was how the majority of my job interviews started, regardless of whether I was seated across from the head of HR at Merrill Lynch, or the manager of the local Starbucks. Studying, and subsequently living abroad is a great conversation starter in an interview ,as it usually breaks the ice and shows the employer your not simply a 9-5 clock puncher. Here are some other advantages of living abroad.

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