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Appearances Matter: How To Make Your Resume Look Its Best

Resume 2

Appearances are everything where resumes are concerned.  First of all, many resumes are screened by automated screeners, and only those with certain formatting will pass through the computerized process.  If they do make it onto a human being’s desk, the average amount of time your resume gets to make an impression is 7 seconds.  Your […]

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7 Avoidable Resume Mistakes

Resume Mistakes

As the ripples of the economic downturn are felt further and wider, more and more people are brushing up their resumes.  However, resume-writing isn’t what it once was, and there are common mistakes that people make, even when they’re being careful and conscientious.  In a time when good jobs have hundreds of applicants, it’s important that […]

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7 Jobs that Work with Kids

Kids and Teens

Many people look around at the  increasingly difficult world and think about how different things are for kids nowadays.  Kids have less support and fewer resources, and a lot of people would like to help them out.  Others just find that being around kids helps them keep an open and excited view on life.  People who […]

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Whose Job is it to Protect Academic Freedom?

Academic Freedom

In the United States we have a cherished tradition of academic freedom, stemming from our 1st Amendment right to freedom of speech.  “Academic freedom” is such an important value because it is supposed to guarantee that a scholar can follow his or her research wherever it will lead, without being afraid that the results will […]

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Whose Job is it to Discover Insurance Fraud?

Insurance Fraud

It doesn’t matter what area of life we’re talking about-most people are good and honest, but a few are out to get something for nothing.  Insurance companies deal with this reality every day.  It’s their job to review and then pay the legitimate claims of their customers, but that means they have to do their […]

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Top 10 Careers in the Health Field

health field careers

Whether or not Obamacare is implemented or repealed, as long as people have bodies, they will need medical care for them. It is true that the medical field is changing, like everything else, but the basics can’t change. People will pay what they can to feel better. Here are 10 careers in the medical field that are guaranteed to provide jobs long into the future.

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Is Your Employer Ethical? 6 Questions for Moral Employees

Ethical Employer

I know times are hard, and those of us who have jobs are lucky to have them. But some companies are making up for shortfalls through unethical business practices. Here are a few questions to ask if you suspect yours is one of them.

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Private Sources for Funding Small Businesses

Small Business Owner

ate Sources for Funding Small Businesses

Most people know that the SBA (Small Business Administration) can provide low interest loans for entrepreneurs to start or expand a small business. There are also state grants that come from the government, as well. But people aren’t always aware that there are several private sources for funding for small businesses.

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