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Grand Opening Contest Winners Announced!

andrew freeman

We asked for your funniest images and objective statements. We asked for you to send the most traffic possible to your profiles. And you responded! Of course, the possibility of winning free Apple products had something to do with it. Well, the entries have been reviewed and the winners have been decided upon. Let’s get […]

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5 Reasons You Need to Take Your Resume Online

Online resume profile

Things have certainly changed since the days of typewritten resumes mailed to employers in hopes of getting noticed by hiring managers. Unfortunately, what hasn’t changed is the resume itself. We can send a resume at near the speed of light across the world, but the resume is still a sheet of paper with bullet points […]

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Yellow Brick Grand Opening Contest


This contest is now closed. Thanks to everyone who entered! Take some time to check out the entries in the comments below. Yellow Brick is live and ready for our users to build resumes and send them out to eager employers. To celebrate the occasion, we’re holding our first (and only) grand opening contest. […]

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YellowBrickRoad Video #5: Action Plan

career action plan video

Action. When it comes down to your career, it’s all about action. And before you take action you’ve got to have an action plan. What do you need to do? Who do you need to talk to? What are your deadlines for getting things done? Keep in mind, when you’re putting together your action plan […]

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YellowBrickRoad Video #4: Resources

career resource video

Get ready for the fourth installment of our YellowBrickRoad career video series! In this webisode, Angie hits the streets to talk to dentists, salespeople, mathematicians, pharmacists, and aspiring entertainers to find out what career resources they have at their disposal. These are the golden questions for anyone trying to determine what resources they have to […]

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YellowBrickRoad Video #3: Identifying Your Needs

identify career needs dj finale

It’s not enough to have a goal. You’ve also got to consider everything that needs to happen from Point A to Point B and everything that could go wrong. For this webisode, host Angie Engemann hangs with DJ Finale, who’s just started a second career as a film school student. Hear what he has to […]

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YellowBrickRoad Video #2: Your Spending Plan

spending plan video

That’s right: Webisode 2 is here and it’s all about making sure your spending matches the career you want. In this webisode, our host Angie Engemann interviews hip hop designer/producer Chris Le on the topic. Some of the questions you’ve got to ask yourself: Do I have a spending plan? How much would I have […]

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YellowBrickRoad Video #1: Finding Your Career Objective

Career objective video

We are proud to present the very first webisode in our new series, which is designed to help our users to start, or restart, their careers with a bang. In this episode, our lovely host, Angie Engemann, interviews college student, aspiring designer, and amateur boarder Mike Trowbridge by asking him three vital questions: What are […]

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Financial Aid Webinar with EducationToday This Friday!


I’ll be hosting a webinar covering the ins and outs of financial aid this Friday (May 13) with our good friends over at the EducationToday blog. We’ll be covering every kind of financial aid from scholarships to Pell grants to Stafford loans. We’ll also cover the entire process of how to find, apply for financial […]

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School’s Out Giveaway at

amazon gift card giveaway contest

No one appreciates free stuff like broke college students. Understanding this, we just wanted to let all of you know that our friends over at are having a giveaway to celebrate the temporary release of millions of college students from the soul-smashing, tear-inducing prison that is the college term (or semester, if you prefer). […]

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