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Download Our Newest Resume Guides: Objectives and Keywords

Resume Guide 4 - Objective

The hits just keep on coming. As of this morning, we’ve just added two new resume-themed guides to our Free Download page which cover the ever elusive Objective section and the all-powerful keyword. These guides, respectively, cover such scintillating topics as: To have or not to have an objective section? What should you write in […]

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New Free Resume Guides

Resume Formatting for Newbies

You know, they say the best things in life are free, but how many things are actually free anymore? Not many, my friend, not many. Water? Not free. Fruit from your neighbor’s plum tree? Actually not free. Sunlight? I’m sure Donald Trump is trying to find a way to charge for that. According to many […]

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Useless headline of the day – “American Idol hopeful sent home”

american idol useless headline

It’s awesome what passes for news nowadays, especially when it comes to entertainment-related news. If Natalie Portman wears an ugly t-shirt, it gets front page status right next to overheating Japanese nuclear reactors. Ahh, show business! Well, to celebrate the marvel that is the modern media machine, we’re posting the “Useless Headline of the Day.” […]

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4 Tips to Help the Skills and Interests Section of Your Resume

Resume Comic Strip 1

What to do with that Skills and Interests section of your resume? Should you even have such a section on your resume? You’ll find a Skills section in nearly every resume template out there, but you’ll also hear many so-called experts say that the Skills section is past its prime, outdated, and unnecessary. Perhaps what […]

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Minister Careers

Careers for ministers

Career Overview Ministers are responsible for conducting religious worship and performing specific spiritual functions for given religious groups with a common set of beliefs. Ministers are also sometimes called pastors, confessors, priests, rectors, chaplains, clergymen or clergywomen, and evangelism pastors. Ministers generally pray, read from sacred texts, prepare classes and sermons, deliver and teach sermons, […]

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Media Specialist Careers

Careers for media specialists

Career Overview Media specialists are also referred to as communications specialists and public relations specialists. It’s a media specialist’s job to act as an advocate for a company to other organizations and the public. They help businesses and other groups build their reputation with the public and other entities. Media specialists can work for businesses, […]

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Mechanical Engineer Careers

Careers for mechanical engineers

Career Overview Mechanical engineers research, create, manufacture, and test mechanical devices. Mechanical engineering involves one of the broadest engineering spectrums there is. Mechanical engineers work on power-producing machines, power-using machines and design tools that make these machines run. Mechanical engineers work in a huge array in industries, because their engineering skills are needed by so […]

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Massage Therapist Careers

Careers for massage therapists

Career Overview Massage therapists utilize over 80 kinds of massages called modalities. They specialize in several of these modalities and techniques. Massage is used to assist clients relax and improve flexibility and muscle tone in certain areas of the body. A large portion of massage therapists are self-employed and work part-time. They work in spas, […]

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Journalist Careers

Careers for journalists

Career Overview Journalists are also known as news analysts, reporters, or correspondents. Their job involves finding information regarding important stories, issues and events, then creating broadcasts and publications regarding that information. Journalists can report on information and issues on a local, state, national, and international scale. The information presented by journalists is critical in shaping […]

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