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Career and Marriage: Advice From a 5-Year-Old

marriage or career

I get the shivers when I hear about acquaintances getting engaged or married. I have told my closest friends they are not allowed to get engaged yet, unless such engagement involves a bachelorette party in Las Vegas (my new favourite place). Check out this super-cute video captured by a 5-year old’s older sister. This girl […]

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Social Studies: Do’s and Don’ts for University Social Life

college social life

Congratulations! You’ve made it through high school and all the awkward parties, first days of school, clicks and cliches that go along with it. Gone are the jocks, the cool kids, the emo kids, the nerds, the band geeks and the book worms. Turns out you can be interested in more than one thing and […]

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A+ For University and College Extracurricular Activities

LOTR college club

Summer job search hasn’t gone as well as you hoped? Wondering how to get valuable experience on your resume while still in school? Don’t think your arts degree is going to get you a job? Hopefully you chose a university or college with a variety of extracurricular activities available. University and college extracurricular activities allow […]

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What You Need To Know To Land A Career In Digital Media


Digital Media careers are super-hot right now. I’m talking about Tweeting, blogging and Facebooking for a living. Sounds easy enough right? Unless you avoid computers, the Internet, television and technology at all costs, you probably don’t go a day without being asked to like something, follow someone, Tweet this or click here.  Many companies need […]

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Roommate Ramblings: Which One Will You Get?

roommate issues

When I was in university, my roommate became totally obsessed with me. She was jealous, needy, tried to look like me, and I’m pretty sure she sat up and watched me sleep. After she tried to kill my boyfriend, I decided it was time to move out. Oh, wait! That was a movie I saw, […]

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Skeptic No Longer: The Who, What and Why of Temp Agencies

temp agency

I’ve just arrived home after a seven month working holiday in Whistler, B.C. I’m not sure what type of job commitment I want to make yet.  In addition to my regular job search, I decided I would visit a few temp agencies and get a feel for what they might offer me. I’m a temp […]

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Words of Wisdom: 5 Awesome Commencement Speeches

jk-rowling commencement speech

Meant to inspire, encourage and usher you confidently into the next chapter of your life, a commencement speech can either make or break your graduation ceremony. Just in case your commencement address wasn’t all-inspiring, here are five of my favourite commencement speeches that are sure to put you into post-grad action mode. 1. J.K Rowling’s […]

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Buyer Beware: 4 Reasons Why You Should Re-Think Grad School

graduate program

It probably crosses every recent grad’s mind: to go to grad school or to start the job search. Now that you’ve graduated and realized that university or college was a cozy bubble free from stressful job searching, financial responsibility and all those real-life post-grad shockers, it is easy to think that going to grad school […]

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Hired At First Sight: The Statistics of Looking Good

job interview

If only the way we look had no effect on the jobs we land and the amount of money we make. Unfortunately, career utopia doesn’t exist and regardless of policies set up by companies, human resource departments and governments, workplace discrimination does exist. I love reading career stats that change expectations and blur perspectives. I […]

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Post-Grad Confession: What Is A Real Job?

real job

In the indie flick, A Real Job, a movie rental store employee meets the girl of his dreams. He moves into a blue collar job to impress her, only to discover that he no longer has time for her.  In addition, his new corporate employer is going to close down his beloved video store. The […]

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