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How Twentysomethings Are Changing The Workplace

business team standing

Gen Y is a hot topic in human resources and recruiting circles. As our parents generation starts to retire, love it our hate it, twentysomethings are entering the workforce full speed ahead. From my research, I found the typical Gen Y, twentysomething to be painted as someone who is: Self-entitled. Gen Y wants to be […]

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Magazine Internships: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Magazine internship

When I interned for a magazine and people asked me if my position was just like Lauren Conrad’s Teen Vogue internship, I laughed it off. Gorgeous clothes, exciting events, crazy guest lists and trendy offices are fairy tale intern experiences that only exist on The Hills and The Devil Wears Prada. On second thought, my […]

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Beyond The Black and White: Generation Y Resume Options

Brandon Kleinman Mashable Resume

No longer is the standard one or two page black and white resume the only option. Generation Y grads have grown up on the computer and they know how to do more than print a Word document. A few of the other Yellow Brick Road bloggers have written about modern resume options over the past […]

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Are Virtual Internships Valuable?

virtual internship

The office place is no longer restricted to a nine-to-five behind the desk job and neither are internships. A virtual internship is an internship that doesn’t require you to go into an office place. This means you could be living in Ontario while working on a social media internship in California or New York City. […]

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Why I Wish I Participated In A Study Abroad Program


Dump your boyfriend, say goodbye to your friends, save your money and pack your bags! Nearly every university and college offers study abroad programs and you should take advantage. I wish I did! I didn’t take part in an exchange program because I was worried about missing out on a year of university with my […]

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Unlimited Vacation Time: A Gen Y Perspective


According to WorldatWork, 1% of companies offer their employees unlimited paid vacation time. I love, love, love this and hope the number grows. No, I don’t picture jetting off to the Caribbean once a month or taking a four day weekend every week. For this Gen Y recent grad, unlimited vacation time means so much […]

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Post-Grad Confession: How I Survived My First Post-Grad Year

post graduate boredom

You’ve graduated from university or college. Now it’s time to leave the group of friends you’ve made over the past three or four years, potentially move back in with mom and dad, start paying off your debts and, worst of all, get a real job in the ‘real world.’ Post-grad depression sets in and the […]

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Reflecting On My University Convocation

college convocation

Convocation can be defined as the arranging or calling of a formal meeting.  I didn’t realize until the day of my convocation ceremony that the formal meeting of two very important people in particular had been arranged. I was dreading going to my university convocation.  In the weeks between finishing classes and the day of […]

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Post-Grad Dilemma: What To Do When Your Degree Isn’t Working For You


I started university when I was seventeen years old. Thousands of dollars, hundreds of hours of studying, four years and one arts degree later, I am still only twenty-two years old and not entirely sure of what direction I want to take my career in. If I could do it all again, I would probably […]

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Charlie Sheen To Hire a #TigerBloodIntern: Celebrity Endorsed Tweets and What We Can Learn

Charlie Sheen

In a flurry of media frenzy, ridiculous hashtags, a new Guinness World Record (acquiring the most number of followers in the shortest time; one million in one day), being fired from his super high-paying TV gig, losing his children (on the same day he joined Twitter) and all in all making a total fool of […]

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