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Creative Ways to Get Your First Job Out of College: Part 2

In Part 2 of my series on successful people who found jobs right out of college using unconventional means, I focus on the chance meeting. Too often we put too much energy into trying to meet “the right people” in terms of getting a job, when in reality it’s the everyday people we encounter in […]

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Creative Ways to Get Your First Job Out of College: Part 1

With the news this week of Standard & Poor’s downgrade of the U.S.’s financial rating, the trickle down is not going to be pretty. But that doesn’t mean jobs for new graduates are not available, it just means graduates are going to have to be smart about finding them. As I’ve said before, the days […]

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What Does the New Debt Deal Mean to Recent College Graduates?

For the last two weeks the fracas over whether or not the federal government was going to raise the debt ceiling (and thus not default on their bills) has dominated the news. Now that a deal has been reached by our three-ring (circus) government, everyone heaved a big sigh of relief. After all, a deal […]

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Can Today’s College Graduates Survive a Sick Economy?

For the first time since post WW-II the trajectory of the college graduate is an uncharted course. It used to be (as recently as five years ago) that anyone who went to college could expect some sort of well-paying, career-oriented job upon graduation. But now things are different. Today’s precarious world economy puts careers (especially […]

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Can A Master’s Degree Get You a Job Right Now?

After college graduation you really only have three choices: get a job, go to graduate school, or do both. With the economy being what it is many grads are choosing graduate school, the reason being A) Finding a job is nearly impossible given the high unemployment rate, and B) Most professional jobs include the discouraging […]

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Tips on How to Live Green (and Save Money) While Looking for a Job

If you’ve just graduated from college and are scouring the city for your first real job, chances are money is tight right now. Job-hunting can be costly, not just from lack of income but also due to things like buying a business wardrobe, dry cleaning, incurring extra transportation costs (to get to interviews), resume services, […]

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Can Starting a Small Business Pay for College? Two Former Student Entrepreneurs Say It Can!

For many college students the luxury of going to school without working is not a reality. Due to the bad economy and cutbacks in education fifty-seven percent of today’s college students have to work while taking classes. Compare that with only 10 percent as recently as 2000. But is working while going to college a […]

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African American Women Outnumber Their Male Counterparts in College

Kamala Appel, college admissions coach and author of "Keys to the C.A.S.T.L.E., College Admissions Secrets & Tips to Look Exceptional"

Mea Boykins just graduated from Spelman College in Atlanta this May. A psychology major, Ms. Boykins will be attending the London Metropolitan University in the fall where she plans to get her Masters’ degree in child, adolescent, and family mental health. Ms. Boykins doesn’t realize it, but she is NOT the exception, she is the […]

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The New Realities of Finding a Job After College

Whether you’re nearing the end of college or you just graduated, one thing is for certain. This is NOT your parents’ job market. Used to be if you had a college degree you just sat back and waited for employers to pluck you from the newly graduated talent pool. But those days are long gone. […]

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Experts Reveal How to Improve Your Credit Score After College

If you’ve just graduated from college, or you will in the next year, one of the first things you want to do is check your credit score to make sure there’s nothing on there that will prevent you from getting the job you want. What’s that you say? Your credit score is irrelevant unless you […]

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