Beyond The Black and White: Generation Y Resume Options

No longer is the standard one or two page black and white resume the only option. Generation Y grads have grown up on the computer and they know how to do more than print a Word document. A few of the other Yellow Brick Road bloggers have written about modern resume options over the past few weeks. Here’s a list of five resume options that go beyond the black and white.

  1. Online Resumes
  2. Yellow Brick Road allows you to make an online resume with the traditional sections, plus some cool bonuses like an “Interview me” section and room to show off your portfolio or work examples. You get a link to your online resume and can specify your job search status. It features all aspects of the traditional resume, but is much more exciting to read than a Word document. Check it out if you haven’t yet!

  3. The Pocket Resume: Paper and Digital
  4. The pocket resume is like a business card for recent grads. It contains more information, but isn’t as awkward or intrusive as handing out a full page resume at a networking event. You can even carry a few with you all the time just in case you meet your next potential employer on the bus or in the elevator.

    For the more tech savvy, the Pocket Resume is also an iPhone app that allows you to easily adjust and email a PDF file of your resume on the spot.

  5. The Video Resume
  6. Not to be used for all jobs and career fields, the video resume is a tough one to perfect. It needs to be filmed and edited well in order to be appreciated by the employer. Many employers probably won’t appreciate a video resume no matter how amazing it is. Here are some great tips on how to create a good video resume.

  7. The Slide Show Resume
  8. Also for the more creative career fields, making a slide show resume will certainly stand out and show off your design and presentation skills. Here’s another great Yellow Brick Road piece about the benefits and downfalls of the slideshow resume.

  9. The Dynamic and Artistic Resume
  10. Creativity and skill that can fit onto a regular 8.5″ by 11″ sheet of paper. This type of resume is (I think) essential for showing off graphic design, artistic and typographic skills. You can keep it more conservative with all the conventional resume features or get totally creative and make a pie chart, graph or pictorial to show off your experience and skills. Check out these nine awesome examples!

User Beware

Don’t throw out your paper resumes just yet. It’s likely you’ll be asked to supply a paper resume in nearly every interview. The above options are Generation Y friendly, but many employers aren’t from the tech savvy Generation Y.

While many employers will appreciate a creative, techy, outside the box resume, there are just as many who will appreciate or require the standard black and white resume.  Know your audience and cater to it!

Have you found ways to revolutionize the resume? Tell us in the comments below!

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