Craigslist: 3 Tips for Your Job Hunt

job hunt tips for craigs listPerhaps it can be referred to as the grandfather of modern social networking, Craigslist connects people beyond socially (like it’sgrandchild Facebook) but also for mutually beneficial business transactions: like selling unwanted items, renting apartments, and of course finding jobs. But there are a few overlooked tricks of the trade when it comes to Mr. Craig and his List….

1. One Word: Telecommute

I can recall looking for jobs in my native Philadelphia when I didn’t have access to a car, which disqualified me from all opportunities outside the reaches of public transportation. One option is to telecommute, or work remotely. This is great for writers, computer programmers, web designers and bloggers. Photographers and other artistic disciplines may also have this option, amongst other professions. Often these positions will require some in-office time, but usually only once a week or a month. This option opens up a much wider spectrum in terms of employment possibilities, including telecommuting from nearby cities (In my case, I was able to work remotely from Philadelphia with employers in New York and New Jersey.)

2. Gigs Aren’t Just For Models

While most seek the security of a permanent job, many prefer (still others reluctantly accept) short term employment opportunities, usually referred to as “gigs”. The term conjures up images of starving artists and sheik models bouncing from one job to the next, but often reputable companies in an effort to cut costs will employ a freelancer in-house for a brief period of time, for example to design their website and initially manage traffic. If your an entry level job seeker don’t be put off by browsing through this category as doing several related gigs will give yourself in a niche, making you an expert instead of a generalist, and all that is more appealing when it comes time to look for a full-time position.

3. Copy & Paste…& Paste….& Paste

While each position, at each company in each area of the workforce is unique, Craigslist does an excellent job of breaking them down into easily recognizable categories. Posts on Craigslist are better then applying directly to the company’s website for two reasons; You know they are hiring (otherwise why would they post an ad?) Also, they provide an e-mail address instead of a “Contact Us” forum. So what? Numerous e-mail addresses give the ability to automate the job application process, making this process much more efficient. Create a generic cover letter and resume and label it “Marketing Resume” or whatever job category your applying to. Now, copy and paste the e-mail address of the first job your applying for in the “To:” box, and for each additional job you apply for, copy and paste each e-mail address into the “Bcc:” box. Why? That way each job doesn’t see that your applying to all of their competitors!

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