5 Lazy College-Student Diseases to Avoid

Forget about the bird flu and bed bugs. There’s a serious epidemic afflicting college students, and it’s been a problem for years. I recently graduated with a four-year degree from Emerson College. Go me, and go you, if you’re a recent grad or current senior! When I landed back home in New Jersey, it felt great to be free of papers and tests, early classes and late meetings. For the first few weeks, I enjoyed being home to unpack and spend time with friends and family. However, I quickly found that between sending out a few resumes here and there, there were lots of things to distract me from actively hunting for a job. It took me a few months to realize I had Senioritis, the common disease found in high school students who get lazy their last year of classes, but finally, I discovered a cure! Don’t make my mistakes.

Here are four bad habits to break now:

1.Watching too much TV

It’s time to put down the television remote, and stop watching the same mindless episodes of “reality” shows. Instead of spending your time on something that will leave you less than inspired, hop on the internet and find online video tutorials done by professional career advisors or people in your field. You can also search for sites devoted to the job search, like yellowbrickroad.com or you can read a book about your field. Everyone enjoys taking a break once in awhile, so don’t burn yourself out.

2. Playing video games

Though I’ve loved escaping into fantasy land since I was a little girl, I know that grabbing the gamers’ gimlet is the equivalent of throwing hours of a potentially productive day down the toilet. If games are your thing, at least try to get paid for playing them. You can find out how to make money by becoming a professional gamer. If your addiction isn’t too bad, turn your job search into a real life game. Imagine your goal is finding a good job, avoiding the evil gatekeepers of your fate, and finishing in remarkable time. Hey, whatever works.

3. Sleeping the day away

We’ve all been there. Sometimes the best place in the world is that warm spot under the covers. Give yourself a reason to truly celebrate the softness of your sheets by getting away from them for awhile. If you spend the entire day in bed, chances are that you’ll miss out on lots of potential opportunities for employment. Instead of hitting the snooze button, get up early and visit your local bookstore or café. It will keep you in a social scene, and you never know who you’ll meet once you’re out in the open. After a long day of brushing elbows, you’ll truly appreciate your bed.

4. Overeating

Put down the pizza. I repeat, put down that slice of pizza. The college student’s lifestyle is known to cause weight gain, however, if you’ve already graduated you have no excuse for sitting around shoving food down your gullet. Instead of force feeding yourself to hide the pain of being unemployed, go to your local community college and exercise at the gym or eat something healthy at the café. Being in the presence of eager students and many a job board can help to reinspire you or introduce you to a new opportunity.

If senioritis is affecting you, and you haven’t graduated yet, check out these six simple ways to stay productive while still enjoying your last summer as a student.

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How did you handle senioritis? What advice would you give to recent college grads struggling to find work?

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  1. Mary
    Posted May 10, 2011 at 12:43 pm | Permalink

    I think this is great advice. You need to make things happen for yourself.

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