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Resume Guide for Newbies Part 6: Education History

Posted 6/21/2011
Make that education work for you. This chapter in our resume series tells you everything you need to know to create an awesome education history section on your resume. Where you went to school, what you studied, and which extracurricular activities you were involved in say a lot about you to prospective employers. Don’t fail the resume exam by making your hard-earned degree look meh. Read this guide and turn that diploma into a job-grabbing magnet.

  Resume Guide for Newbies: Education History (3.2 MiB, 3,366 hits)

Resume Guide for Newbies Part 5: Work Experience

Posted 5/11/2011
Now we get down to the nitty gritty, where the rubber meets the road, where we separate the men from the boys, the wheat from the tares, and (insert your own cliche here). Ultimately, when someone is considering you for a job, they want to see how you’ve performed at your other jobs. In this guide, we’ll teach you how to bring out your best achievements, downplay your low points, and make your work experience shine.

  Resume Guide for Newbies Part 5: Work History (3.0 MiB, 1,994 hits)

Resume Guide for Newbies Part 4: Objective

Posted 4/27/2001
Ah, the objective section. It sits in one precious piece of real estate at the top of the resume like that. Maybe that’s why controversy swirls around this section. To have or not to have an objective section? That is the question this guide will address. Under which circumstances should you include an objective? And what do you even write in that proverbial summary of your career? Get the goods here.

  Resume Guide for Newbies: Objective (4.1 MiB, 2,023 hits)

Resume Guide for Newbies Part 3: Keywords

Posted 4/27/2011
The person reading your resume doesn’t have the time to pick through ambiguous phrases for meaning. They’re looking for words that will tell them immediately in a concrete, impactful way that you mean business. Not feeling like a master wordsmith? This chapter will walk you through the fine art of choosing just the right keywords in your resume to get that coveted callback.

  Resume Guide for Newbies: Keywords (4.1 MiB, 2,376 hits)

Resume Guide for Newbies Part 2: Contact Information

Posted 4/25/2011
Yeah, you’re laughing now. Just trust us, as basic as it seems, too many people screw up their chances of landing a job by putting incorrect information, or completely forgetting to put contact information, on their resume. Do yourself a favor and read this five-page masterpiece on the subject. You’ll be glad you did as you laugh at your less lucky comrades.

  Resume Guide for Newbies: Contact Info (4.3 MiB, 2,124 hits)

Resume Guide for Newbies Part 1: Formatting

Posted 4/25/2011
Looks matter. Surely, young Padawan, you’ve learned this harsh truth by now. But there are ways esoteric and cunning to draw the human eye to those places on your resume where your true value can be properly esteemed. Never underestimate the value of bold, italics, font size, bullet points, and white space in your resume. Therein lies power, my friend. Read this seven-page guide, become a Jedi of resume formatting, and no longer allow mediocre indents to dominate your job search.

  Resume Guide for Newbies: Formatting (4.6 MiB, 2,698 hits)

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