How Fear & Tragedy Led One Woman to Her Authentic Path: Part 1 with Dina Colman

Despite having the money and status she’d once dreamed for, Dina always had the feeling she wasn’t in the field that would bring her the most life fulfillment.

Born and raised in California, a young Dina Colman worked hard to become a success. Early academic achievements allowed the future businesswoman acceptance at Pomona College, where she graduated Phi Beta Kappa and Cum Laude. Continuing on her path, Dina worked in the high-tech world, holding coveted positions at large name companies like HP, for over a decade. Despite having the money and status she’d once dreamed for, Dina always had the feeling she wasn’t in the field that would bring her the most life fulfillment.

“Honestly, I knew from day one,” she says. “[Going into business] was a socially acceptable option and one that showed I was ‘successful’, but it left me feeling empty for the entire time I was in it… After working for over ten years in the high-tech world as a marketing and strategy consultant, I decided to go back to school.”

However, this choice wasn’t something that came easily one day; it was actually put into motion shortly after Dina’s sister was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer at the young age of thirty-two. News of her sister’s health problem hit the future health-guru hard, and caused Dina’s attention to focus fearfully on her own health, mortality, and the future.

“At first, I operated out of fear,” remembers Dina. “I worried about every morsel of food that went into my body and every product that touched my skin. I remember… frantically throwing out every bottle that had red dye #5 on it because I had read that it could cause cancer. Watching my sister go through such aggressive treatment of surgeries, radiation, chemotherapy, and stem cell transplant was very difficult for me. I was afraid for my sister and I was afraid for myself. Breast cancer runs in my family, so I wondered if this could be me one day.”

As Dina’s fears began to take over, a different part of her took charge and told her to use this experience as an opportunity to become an educated and helpful source in the health field.

“I decided to go back to school and study holistic health,” she remembers.

Dina quickly found herself on the path towards founding the company she heads today. She obtained her Masters in Holistic Health Education from JFK University in Northern California. During this time, the second-wave student came across a science that would change her life—epigenetics. The literal definition of the word is “control above genetics.” With a history of cancer running in her family, Dina hoped that there was something she could do to change her possible fate and help others who might be feeling the same fear she had felt.

“Of course, knowing our genetic code is important,” says Dina, “because it does allow us to change our environment accordingly. We may be susceptible to a hereditary disease, but we can do something about it.”

Finally, the pieces were beginning to fall in place. With this new knowledge about controlling your health beyond genetic predispositions, Dina began to understand the importance of self-care in a variety of areas like: mind, body, relationships, and environment. Based on the nourishment of these four important parts, Dina’s new business Four Quadrant Living was born!

“Four Quadrant Living takes Integral Theory and applies it to health,” says Dina. “It’s about looking at the whole person. Health is about nourishing the four quadrants of our lives—mind, body, relationships, and environment.”

Since Dina’s career change, many people who are having difficulty finding the right path, have come to Dina for health and career guidance. They seek the passionate coach’s advice in maintaining and restoring balance within the four major areas of health to promote a more productive, wellness-oriented, and rewarding life. Though Dina completely changed careers, it is her positive outlook that has kept her motivated even after her sister won her fight against cancer.

“I worried when I was leaving the corporate world that I was throwing away my business school education,” she recalls. “Had it been a waste if I was going in a completely different direction? The answer is absolutely not! Everything I have done makes me who I am in this very moment. My business background helps me today in building and marketing Four Quadrant Living.”

Today, Dina is working on her first book, which outlines the principles she teaches in her practice. Though her career change was first motivated by fear and uncertainty, Dina is no longer living a life based on those feelings and emotions. Instead, Dina feels that living her true calling is an eye-opening and thrilling experience.

“What makes me successful is that I am finally following my true path. I am listening to myself. I am being me. I am living authentically. I am not caught up in what others think I should be doing or what I feel society wants me to be doing or in what society defines as success. I am chartering my own path and creating the life that I want.”

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