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What is a Blog?

A blog — a shortened form of the words “web log” — is a place on the Internet where you can digitally log all of your commentaries. As a job seeker, you can use a blog as a home base for your job search and to establish your expertise in a certain field. Hiring managers and recruiters can easily find out more about you by visiting your blog. You can also network with other people in your field through your blog by connecting with industry experts and people who share the same interests.

How Do I Start?

Before you even do anything technical, you need a clear vision for your blog. This will be communicated in your “About” page or personal profile to make it clear to your audience what you’re all about. Think about what you want to be known and remembered for.

A clear vision will also help you think of a name for your blog. This name will be your brand and identity, so make sure it’s good! Try to choose a name that includes some keywords that relate to your passion and area of expertise. Use Google Adwords’ Keywords Tool to help you find target words that a lot of people search for in your field.

What Blogging Platform Should I Use?

Now you need a place on the Internet to host your blog. The two most common blog providers are Blogger and WordPress. Blogger is one of the easiest blog platforms to use, but WordPress has more features and capacity for customization.

Compare and contrast other blogs in both Blogger and WordPress. You can always sign up for both; it just takes a few minutes. See which one you like better in terms of templates, options and usability, based on your technical ability. In the future, you can even import your Blogger blog content to WordPress.

What Do I Do Now?

Make sure your blog is showing up on the Internet exactly as you imagined it in terms of the background, color scheme and font. Personalize your blog and include a photo of yourself somewhere in your profile or in an “About” page, along with your elevator pitch. Include a way for people to contact you via social media and email.

Begin posting blog entries regularly. Have a conversational tone and be natural, so others can immediately identify with you. You can be creative with your entries by including photos, videos and podcasts.

How Do I Build an Audience?

Start by letting your family and friends know about your blog. You can also include a link to your blog in your email signature and on your resume.

Visit other blogs in your area of expertise and leave thoughtful comments on them. People who are interested in what you have to say will click the link back to your blog and connect with you. Make sure you have sharing buttons on your entries, so people can share your content on social media websites to allow you to reach other communities. Also include buttons for your readers to subscribe to your entries through email or RSS.

Do you have any other basic tips for beginner bloggers?

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