How to Get a 4 Day Work Week Every Week of the Year

How would you like it if every single weekend was a three-day weekend for you?Many of us feel like our weekends fly by too quickly and would be thrilled to have that extra day to relax and rejuvenate at the end of the week. Getting that to happen isn’t actually as tough for most people as you might think.

Ask for a 4 Day Work Week

The quickest and easiest way to switch from a five-day work week to a four-day work week is simply to ask your boss if it is possible to make that change. There are two options that your boss might consider:

  • Work a reduced schedule of 32 hours per week. This would require you to take a pay cut but would provide you with the extra day off that you’re seeking. This option is appealing to bosses that are looking for ways to cut costs. Typically you’ll still retain benefits if you work at least 32 hours at a job.
  • Work four ten hour days instead of five eight hours days. This option is preferable to bosses that  need you to put in the hours but can be flexible about your scheduling. It may be preferable for you if you need the money from a forty hour work week.

There are benefits to businesses of offering a four day work week. If the business actually switches everyone to a four day work week then they save on utility costs and other operational expenses. Even if only some employees work the new four day schedule, those employees tend to be happier and so will take less sick leave (according to a 2009 report on the issue by TIME magazine). Make a good argument about the benefits to your boss when you present your request to switch to a four day work week. Assure your boss that you’ll spend your time at work being as productive as possible so that the change doesn’t take anything away from you doing your job.

Switch to a Different Company

If your current boss won’t allow you to switch to a four day work week then you may want to start keeping your eye out for a new job that will give you this option. Did you know that some job search engine sites, such as Career Builder, actually allow you to search specifically for jobs that offer a four day work week?

Switch to a Different Career

Some careers are going to be more conducive to a shorter work week than others. Grade school teachers just aren’t going to get four day work weeks, for example, but nurses are regularly scheduled to work only four (or sometimes even just three) days per week. If ongoing three-day weekends are important to you then you may want to actually switch careers. If you decide to go that route, be sure to check out our ten step guide to successfully switching careers.

Get Frugal and Find a Part-Time Job

If you’re willing to cut back on your living expenses then you won’t even need to work five days per week to get by. You can give up your full-time job and look for a part-time job that gives you at least three days off in a row every week.

Make the Choice to be Self-Employed

When you are self-employed you get to set your own hours. Do be aware of the fact that many entrepreneurs end up working more than forty hours per week so this is not a guaranteed way to get a four day work week. However, if you are organized as well as committed to giving yourself three days off weekly then this can be a smart way to get into the business of only working four days per week.

What would you do with the extra day off if you only worked a four day week? Share your answer in the comments below!

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