How To Know If It’s Time For a Career Change: Part Two with Dina Colman

"I came across a great quote recently. Confucius said, "If we do not change our direction, we will end up where we are headed." Ask yourself if that is where you want to go."

“When you are fulfilled in your job, the joy that you have carries into all areas of your life,” says integral health coach and founder of Four Quadrant Living, Dina Colman. “You are more productive, energized, and happy.”

For years, Dina struggled to discover her true passion. Determined to make it on the fast track in the business world, the future health guru proved her strength by holding coveted positions for well-known companies, like HP. Though she climbed the ladder of success like a professional, something wasn’t right, and Dina couldn’t deny what her intuition was telling her.

“When I was making good money in the high-tech world, I felt like I was selling my soul,” she says. “Now I spend just as much time on my job than I did before, but it’s what I want to be doing.”

A big reason for Dina’s focus on health was the revelation that her beloved sister was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer.  With a new goal to become healthier and of greater help to others, Dina took a turn but remained on her path to success. However, finding her current position wasn’t as easy as some would think.

“I looked into every career imaginable,” she says. “Travel writer, photographer, franchise owner, event planner, therapist, business plan writer, entrepreneur, private detective, CIA agent, and geriatric care manager.”

In addition to learning about alternate career options, Dina turned to self inquiry to uncover what profession would be best based on her personality, birthday, and other individual factors.

“I have taken numerous tests to figure out my ‘type’ to help guide me,” she recalls. “I’ve seen a career coach and a life coach. I’ve read books and I’ve written in journals. I’ve identified what I like, what my strengths are, and what conditions I want. The books that line my bookshelves include: Cool Careers for Dummies, The Life You Were Born to Live, Excuse Me, You’re Life is Waiting, Do What You Are, What Should I do With My Life, and I Could Do Anything if Only I Knew What It Was.”

Like many aspiring professionals who want to lead a fulfilling life, Dina continued to look for ways to get closer to finding out more about her destiny. However, when things got hard, she was resilient and kept on.

“I never gave up,” she says. “I lost hope a few times, but then I’d get right back out there exploring, questioning, and learning. I always felt like I was destined for more and that’s what kept me searching.”

Finally, a lecture on epigenetics, or control above genetics, provided Dina with a personally motivating tool for becoming an integral health coach. Today, Dina uses her insight to encourage her clients to listen to their voices. In other instances, she takes a more active approach by providing nutritional or lifestyle recommendations.

Here are a few of Dina’s best tips for people who are questioning their current career:

1. Live authentically.

Be true to who you are. Surround yourself with people who love you for who you are. Don’t take yourself, or life, too seriously. Have fun. Check in regularly with yourself to make sure you are creating the life you want.

2. Stop looking for the answer.

Once I stopped trying so hard and just started living true to myself, I finally found it. I am now so passionate about what I do. I now wake up every morning excited… I feel completely fulfilled in my work.

3. Determine whether or not you have a great job.

[A great job] should make you feel alive. It should energize rather than deplete you. It should make you feel challenged, useful, and productive. You should feel like you are living in your flow.

4. Ask yourself this question.

Will you regret staying in your wrong field or will you regret never trying to follow your heart/passion/purpose? Life is short so why not make the most of it. I want people to understand that everything we do in life is by choice. We are the artists creating our own lives. What masterpiece are you creating?

It may be time for a change if:

  • You dread Monday mornings or can’t wait for Friday afternoons
  • You find yourself always complaining about your job
  • You feel like you can’t be yourself in your job
  • Your job drains you rather than energizes you
  • You feel anxious or stressed throughout the work day

Dina recommends that everyone remember: “You are in control of your life. No one cares about it more than you do, so make sure you are looking out for yourself.”

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Did you change careers? How did you know it was the right decision?

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