How to Unwind from a Long Day’s Work

Are you white knuckled, road raging, and in need of a serious spa treatment? We can all conjure images of the overworked population who bring their jobs home to the dinner table. If you belong to this super fast-paced, overly dedicated, group of people who have SUCCESS!!! on the brain, you better prepare for failure… That is, unless you start taking better care of yourself. This post is for anyone who wants to better unwind from the long, hard days at work and who wants to prolong his or her ability to be productive.

Regardless of whether you cut hair, clean toilets, count the money, or cut the checks, success requires a lot of serious work. Any entrepreneur will tell you how hard they’ve worked to pave the way and become a sought after commodity. But how do they, and you, stack up when it comes to leaving the work behind at the end of the day?

To avoid burning out from too much work, here are four ways to work toward a peaceful evening after a long day on the job:

1. Update your To-Do lists.

Every day is the opportunity to start fresh, so make a brand new priority list for the next day. This will mentally prepare you for the next morning, and it’ll help to frame the early hours. Be sure to list priorities in a logical order, as to maximize your efficiency.

If you notice that one task seems to always transfer from list to list, because you’re unable to get it done, see if there’s a better way to acquire the same results, or find a way to appropriately delegate the job to someone else.

Here are some questions you can ask if this happens:

  • Why didn’t I get to it?
  • Was this a high or low priority task?
  • Is it possible for me to do for next time?
  • What can I do to ensure that the task will be handled?

2. Leave work at the office.

As humans, we tend to ruminate, or go over things, multiple times. It’s healthy to give your brain a break at the end of the day. This can help save you from feeling stressed, fatigued, overworked, and just plain crazy. You aren’t getting paid around the clock, so why should your brain work overtime? Give it a rest, and write down any great ideas that happen to come to you. Remember to add them to the next morning’s list, and forget about them till then.

3. Tidy up your surroundings.

What word comes to mind when you think of your office space? If “sacred” makes you laugh out loud, you’re in need of some spring cleaning—even if it’s winter. A neat office will save you time in the morning, as it will decrease your stress and feelings of being all over the place. Tidying up will help you to find things easier, and it’ll show others, like your boss or colleagues, that you’re organized. This can give everyone the feeling that you’ve got things under control. If you conduct interviews from a messy office a good sprucing up will prevent you from scaring away would-be candidates. However, if that’s your goal keep things dirty!

4. Don’t make staying late the rule.

Make it the exception. Everyone loves to get the job done each time, but overworking is not for the smart or successful. Know your limits, and schedule late nights apart to give you a break. I’ve seen first-hand how too much work can break up families and damage social lives. This is not to mention the harmful effects it can have on your health. Depression, lack of sleep, morning fatigue, and stress are all potential symptoms of the overachiever’s Achilles heel. Give yourself a break, so you don’t fall apart before your big promotion.

It’s important to put your priorities in order, so when closing time comes you can rest assured that a good day’s work is done and you can focus on the other areas in your life until the next morning.

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How do you try to avoid a stressful ride home? Share your stories below.

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    Nice thoughts! Would you please provide more insights. That would be even more helpful in the long run.

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