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US AirforceA career in the US Air force is a proud and tradition bound career choice. Careers in the airforce center on managing the flight defenses that the US has developed in the air, space, and cyberspace. The Airforce divides their enlisted careers (AFSCs) into the following main categories:

  • Operations
  • Maintenance & Logistics
  • Support
  • Medical and Dental
  • Legal and Chaplain
  • Finance & Contracts
  • Special Investigations

There are several subcategories of different career types located under these major categories.

Educational Requirements & Licensing Requirements

  •  Be 17 years of Age (Parental consent is required is 17 years of age ) or 18 to 42 years of age
  • High School Diploma or GED
  • For enlisted careers-completion of a 6 to 13 week military basic training program
    Completion of further on the job training in specific career category
  • For officer careers-completion of a 4 year degree and participation in ROTC program while in college
  • Bachelor’s degree holders can complete an Office Training Program (OTC) upon graduation which takes several weeks and requires physical and academic testing

Enlisted careers in the Airforce require applicants to be at least 17 years of age or older have or be soon obtaining a high school diploma or GED. Recruits are also required to complete a 6 to 13 week intensive basic training program (basic training)in the Airforce including physical, military, and academic training.

Officers in the Airforce generally obtain a bachelor’s degree through an ROTC program, the Airforce college program, or obtain the degree and then complete and Office Training Program (OTC) after graduation.

All branches of the military offer their service members the opportunity to take college courses and gain post-secondary degrees and training while being active members of the military. Veterans can take advantage of the GI bill which helps to pay for college and post-secondary training for veteran military members.

Educational Courses in Airforce Basic Training Program

Proper Military Decorum
Career Guidance
Dorm Preparation
Proper Dressing & Hygiene
Intense Personal Fitness
Military Citizenship
Human Relations
Flight Drills
Airforce History & Heritage
Envri9oment Awareness and Resources Protection”
Financial Management
Air Force Rank Insignia
Laws of Armed Conflict
Code of Conduct
Marksmanship Training
Weapons Training

Employment Statistics

  • Number of service people in the US Airforce as of January 2009: 202,000
  • Projected Employment jobs in the US military are expected to be excellent through 2018. The military needs over 184,000 new recruits to replace retiring military members on a yearly basis.
  • Enlisted military members have one pay scale and officers another. It is based on time in service and ranking level. In the Airforce, a beginning enlisted service person with less than 4 months of service will make around $1300 per month. A beginning lowest ranking officer with little or no experience will start out at about $2600 per month.

Great Colleges

If you want to be an officer in the US Airforce, look for a college with an excellent ROTC program and get a bachelor’s degree in a career field that will mesh well with an officer career path in the Airforce.

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