Discovering Your Passion: Part 2


“Without passion, you don’t have energy. Without energy, you have nothing.” — Donald Trump How many of you can say that you’re excited to get up in the morning? Passion is what gives you the energy and enthusiasm to fly ecstatically through your day. It’s what makes the good moments even brighter and what allows […]

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3 Communities to Join to Increase Traffic to Your Blog

Blogging Communities

When I started to take blogging seriously earlier this year, I quickly realized that blogging is more about the community than about me or about the blog itself. What’s enriching about blogging are the relationships you build with the people who are interested in your content, and the basis of increasing traffic is building that […]

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Interim Jobs that Can Launch Your Career

It’s no secret that the sluggish economy and high unemployment rate has everyone scrambling for jobs. And unfortunately, the biggest demographic hit are the 18- to 25-year-olds, which means finding a job right out of college is going to take some time. But since landlords still expect the rent on time and people still have […]

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The Back Door Approach to Finding a Job: An Interview with Darrell Gurney, The Career Guy

Let’s just cut to the chase. If you want a job, you submit your resume to a company that has a job opening, right? Well…, no. That used to be true, but not so anymore. Eighty percent of all jobs that become available are already filled before they’re advertised to the public. That means a […]

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4 Life Lessons from an Improv Expert Who Goes Against the Grain: Insights from Stuart “Stu” Nager

Stu the Storyteller

“Improv is life. People just don’t realize it.” — Stuart Nager Stuart “Stu” Nager is an improvisation actor who was one of the first proponents of family-friendly improv, owned his own theatre company and is also well known as a professional storyteller. Throughout our interview last month, it became clear that the principles he applied […]

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Is Graduate School Right for You? An Admissions Advisor Tells All: Part 2

So you’ve decided to go to graduate school, which means you have the passion and drive to explore a deeper degree of study that you don’t get with a bachelor’s degree. It also means that (A) You have a means of supporting yourself for however long it takes to complete your advanced degree, or (B) […]

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Is Graduate School Right for You? An Admissions Advisor Tells All: Part 1

Once you graduate from college you have two options; go to work or go back to school (as in graduate school). However, with the economy being what it is lately, many college grads are choosing graduate school even though they’re not sure what they want to study. Colin Bosworth, a recent business administration college graduate […]

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“Things Could Have Been Different”: An Interview with Zach Goldberg


“When I was younger I wanted to be three things,” says Zach Goldberg, 32 year-old former intern for Sirius Radio. “A Jedi Knight, although I think it was really a Sith Lord because I loved Darth Vader, a gangster, and a rockstar. I guess I always loved the idea of standing out in a crowd.” […]

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“Even the Worst Experience is Worth It”: An Interview with Lisa Romanski


“I graduated college as an enthusiastic and optimistic young educator, ready to make an impact on kids’ lives,” recalls 25-year old Art Teacher, Lisa Romanski. “That entire summer I applied to job after job and went on a few interviews, which lead to nowhere.” With the guidance of a friend, Lisa had previously enrolled at […]

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How to Relax While Job Hunting

The irony of looking for work is that if you knew when you were going to get hired you could actually enjoy your time off! But because job hunting can weigh heavily on your psyche, you need to set aside some time once in a while to give your anxiety a rest. No matter how […]

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