Private Sources for Funding Small Businesses

Most people know that the SBA (Small Business Administration) can provide low interest loans for entrepreneurs to start or expand a small business.  There are also state grants that come from the government, as well.  But people aren’t always aware that there are several private sources for funding small businesses.
Here are just a few of the private sources of funding for small businesses.

1. Count-Me-In

This non-profit organization serves mainly women business owners by making low-interest loans to female entrepreneurs. Their website also has links to resources for women looking for both private and government resources of funding for their small businesses.

2. AccionUSA

This is a private non-profit organization which makes micro-loans, meaning that it gives small loans to entrepreneurs who can’t get loans elsewhere.  These are perfect for very small businesses, and are often exactly what they need to stay on their feet. You can apply at their website.

3. Amber Grants

These are very small grants, up to $1000, that can make the difference for a new business owner.  Amber Grants are meant chiefly for women starting small businesses, and are envisioned as help with websites, office supplies, or other infrastructure costs.  Apply at their website.

4. Idea.Cafés Biz Grant

This is an online community of entrepreneurs.  It recently started seeking sponsors to offer small grants to small businesses.  They do ask that you join the online community, but there’s no cost to do that. Click here to go to their grant page.

5. Taproot Foundation

The Taproot foundation offers several kinds of grants to business owners.  The above link will take you to the marketing grants page, where you can find grants for branding strategy, visual identity, brochures and annual reports on their website.

These aren’t the only sources of private funding for small businesses, but they are good ones.  Another good place to look is at any large corporation’s foundation, or grant-making arm.  They may have grants for “community development,” which usually means small businesses that can provide jobs.

It can be quite a search to find the money you need, but it’s usually out there somewhere.  It can be just what you need to help your small business succeed.

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