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You Can Make Your Own Dreams a Reality: An Interview with Valentina Vayntraub


“It was quite a blessing to come to the realization that, yes, I can do what I love and pay the bills,” says Valentina Vayntraub, a thirty-two year old professional pet sitter, dog walker, and founder of Lap of Luxury Pet & Home Care of Marlboro, New Jersey. “And what a relief because, believe me, […]

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Post-Graduate Entrepreneurs: Turning Social Contacts Into Business Partners

Creator: tungphoto

Whether unemployed or simply seeking a better paid opportunity than an entry-level position, starting one’s own business may pave a road to future financial freedom. Starting a business with a friend, on that note, makes the journey down that road all the more entertaining. Why Partner? Envy is a perfect example of two friends who […]

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Human Resources Manager

Careers for human resources managers

Career Overview Human resources managers are needed in all types of businesses. In smaller businesses, there are human resources generalists who handle all sides of human resources work. In larger businesses, activities are broken down into different positions depending on responsibilities. There are employment placement managers who supervise in the recruiting, hiring, and placement of […]

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Executive Assistant Careers

careers for executive assistants

Career Overview Executive assistants are one of the most important employees in any office. They are responsible for running and organizing the activities of business owners and executives. They are also sometimes called executive secretaries. Executive assistants provide support for top level managers and executives in businesses. They usually do fewer clerical activities than normal […]

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Accounting Careers

careers in accounting

Accountants make sure firms keep accurate financial records, including paying and recording state and federal taxes. Accountants also assist individuals in preparing and filing accurate tax forms yearly and quarterly. Accountants are vital in assisting businesses with budget analysis, financial and investment planning, information technology consulting, and financial documentation. Accountants can work for private and public businesses and local, state, and federal government agencies.

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Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Career Field

Certified Public Accountant

Career Overview Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is the most common license thought of when thinking of the accounting and auditing career field. Accountants and auditors are the financial reporters of the business world. It is their job to ensure that businesses and organizations have accurate financial and public records. They also help to ensure that […]

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Certified Management Accountant (CMA) Career Field

Certified Management Accountant

Career Overview Certified Management Accountant (CMA) is a special certification that can be earned by accountants and auditors. Accountants and auditors are mainly responsible to ensure that businesses and organizations have accurate financial and public records. They also help to ensure that businesses pay their taxes on time and file accurate and correct records. Accountants […]

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Fashion Marketer Career Field

fashion marketer

Career Overview Fashion marketers are responsible for making people want to buy clothing. They promote and market clothing lines and styles. They develop price strategies and marketing campaigns to help maximize the profits of a particular clothing line or fashion retail chain. They may also oversee the actual development of fashion products and monitor trends […]

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Claim Adjuster Career Field

claims adjuster

Career Overview Claim adjusters or adjustors work with businesses and individuals when they must file an insurance claim through a policy that the business or individual owns when they experience a loss or damage to property. Claim adjusters are responsible to schedule and process the claim. They can assist with claims filed after an automobile […]

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Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Career Field

Career Overview Chief financial officers (CFO’s) are top executives responsible for the financial planning, strategies, and reporting that make a company successful. This is an area where many companies, especially large companies, have come under deep scrutiny in the last few years as many companies had unethical financial reporting practices. The financial reporting that CFO’s […]

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