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The ABC’s of Career Testing for Recent Grads


For recent grads confused or unhappy with their first career moves, career testing may seem like a quick fix. Spend and hour or so checking off a few boxes and the universe will reveal just what career field will make you happy and successful, right? Probably not. Although valid career and personality tests can have […]

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Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor Career Field

vocational rehabilitation counselor

Vocational rehabilitation workers are also called rehabilitation counselors. They assist people who are dealing with the employment, personal, and social issues of disabilities. Their clients may have physical, emotional, and mental disabilities due to birth defects, illness, or accidents. They evaluate the assets and strengths of their clients and assist them in finding medical care, […]

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Youth Care Worker Career Field

youth care worker

Youth care workers are usually employed by facilities or shelters that provide support to runaway teenagers or adolescents who either have no family or are homeless. They may also provide counseling services to teens with emotional, drug, and psychological problems. A youth care worker’s responsibilities include documenting youth activities, assisting students with school work and […]

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Education Counselor Career Field

education counselor

Career Overview Education counselors are also known as school and vocational counselors. They provide counseling services for students in groups and individually and help them with career, personal, social and academic decision and issues. School counselors work with students from elementary school aged children all the way through college. They work with both students and […]

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