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Home Inspector Careers

Careers for home inspectors

Career Overview Home inspectors are also called construction inspectors. They are responsible to ensure that buildings and other infrastructures are safe including streets, sewers, and water systems. Home inspectors specifically check that the construction of residential buildings complies with the building codes, ordinances, zoning regulations, and contractor specifications of a given area and home plan. […]

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Home Health Aide Careers

Careers for home health aide

Career Overview Home health aides assist those who are ill, disabled, or seniors who need assistance in their own homes or residential institutions and facilities. They can help people in hospice programs who are terminally ill or in day assistance programs. They assist those who are disabled get more involved in their community. Home health […]

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Gaming Surveillance Officer Careers

Careers for gaming surveillance officers

Career Overview Gaming surveillance officers also known as surveillance agents or gaming investigators are the security staff for the casino and gambling facilities. They utilize audio and visual equipment to observe casino and gaming area activities. Any suspicious activities that might involve robbery or cheating are investigated. When illegal activities take place, surveillance information can […]

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Fish and Game Warden Careers

Career Overview Fish and game wardens are responsible to enforce hunting, fishing, boating, and other laws on public and federal lands. They are responsible to patrol areas where hunting, fishing, and outdoor activities take place. They also manage search and rescue operations on a local level when needed. They investigate accidents and complaints. When criminal […]

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Firefighter Careers

Careers for firefighters

Career Overview Firefighters protect public and private areas against fires. They educate the public in fire prevention but are mostly responsible for putting out fires. Firefighters are often the first to respond to emergencies. They have emergency medical training and report to traffic accidents and other medical emergencies. Most firefighters are employed by local and […]

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Family Counselor Careers

Career Overview Family counselors are also sometimes called marriage and family therapists. They work with families to help them find ways to deal with mental, emotional, and other problems. Family counselors often help family members change their understanding and behavior, improve communication and communication skills within the family, and help prevent the family from crisis. […]

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Executive Assistant Careers

careers for executive assistants

Career Overview Executive assistants are one of the most important employees in any office. They are responsible for running and organizing the activities of business owners and executives. They are also sometimes called executive secretaries. Executive assistants provide support for top level managers and executives in businesses. They usually do fewer clerical activities than normal […]

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Esthetician Career Field

Careers for aestheticians

Career Overview Estheticians are also called skin care specialists. Estheticians work with clients to help them care for their skin, specifically their facial skin. They provide clients with facials and full body treatments. They may also do head and neck massages, help their clients with applying make-up, perform hair removal through waxing or when trained, […]

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ESL Teacher Careers

Careers for ESL teachers

Career Overview ESL teachers are also known as ESOL teachers, English as a second language teachers or English language learners teachers. ESL teachers are responsible to assist people learning how to speak, read, and write in English. For those wanting to work in public schools with children in grades K-12, a state teaching license and […]

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Energy Auditor Careers

Careers for energy auditors

Career Overview Energy auditors perform energy audits on buildings and systems that allow buildings to stay cool, heated, and electrified. Energy auditors are also sometimes called energy raters, energy consultants, home performance consultants, building performance consultants, or home energy raters. Energy auditors are part of a new and growing trend of green careers becoming part […]

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