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3 Reasons to Unleash Your Inner Storyteller for Your Personal Brand

Cave Paintings

Storytelling dates back to original cave painting days before the written form even existed. It’s a universal phenomenon common to humans in all cultures around the world and throughout the history of humanity. By taking advantage of our natural tendency to share stories, we learn new things, remember the past and connect with other people […]

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How Creative Aspirations Led Dee Cotter to a Life of Fulfilling Work


 “I feel like my work history reads more like a rap sheet!” Dee Cotter, a twenty-eight year old native New Jerseyite admits. “Basically, nothing turned out as I expected it would, as a child.” In this economy, it can be said that one is lucky to have a job. Dee is a relatively young entrepreneur […]

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Inspirational Career Stories: What We Can Learn From Caroline Casey

Caroline Casey Elephant

When I heard the story of Caroline Casey, I just knew that I had to share her message. Despite being diagnosed with ocular albinism and being legally blind since birth, Casey has achieved success beyond measure. She trekked across India on the back of an elephant, has held over five careers and is now a […]

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