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3 Books That Can Help Get Recent College Graduates Hired

If you recently graduated from college (or are just about to) first and foremost on your mind is getting a real job (as opposed to that stint you did selling shoes at Famous Footwear your senior year just to make ends meet). As you’ve probably already surmised launching your career at age 22 is not […]

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How to Remain Confident While Looking for a Job

If you happen to fall in that unfortunate demographic of being unemployed during this economic slump it can be hard to keep your spirits up as you look for a job. Oh sure, people tell you to “buck up,” “be positive,” “put a smile on your face,” blah, blah, blah. Although all that is good […]

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What the New Debit Card Fees Mean to College Students and the Unemployed

As if being a starving student or juggling a minimum wage job while trying to launch your career were not enough, banks are the most recent conglomerates to reach into the shallow pockets of the shrinking middle class. This past week Bank of America announced that in 2012 they will start charging $5 per month […]

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3 Early Career Opportunities to Learn From


Do you know the basic steps to finding and getting a job? Often times it starts with a resume, moves to an interview and offer, and finally a “You’re Hired!” If you’re lucky. The process of obtaining a job is relatively easy to learn, but did you know that while you’re going through the motions […]

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YellowBrickRoad Video #4: Resources

career resource video

Get ready for the fourth installment of our YellowBrickRoad career video series! In this webisode, Angie hits the streets to talk to dentists, salespeople, mathematicians, pharmacists, and aspiring entertainers to find out what career resources they have at their disposal. These are the golden questions for anyone trying to determine what resources they have to […]

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What You Need To Know To Land A Career In Digital Media


Digital Media careers are super-hot right now. I’m talking about Tweeting, blogging and Facebooking for a living. Sounds easy enough right? Unless you avoid computers, the Internet, television and technology at all costs, you probably don’t go a day without being asked to like something, follow someone, Tweet this or click here.  Many companies need […]

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3 Career Avenues for Compassionate People


Everyone wants the perfect job. Knowing yourself is key to discerning what areas are best for you. Perhaps you’re a great listener, and there’s just something about you that puts people at ease. Or, maybe you’ve always been drawn to helping others and you’d like to start a professional career that can offer you the […]

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Job Karma: Knowing How to Quit


Knowing when to quit a job is half the battle; however, knowing how to properly quit a job is nearly an art. Karmic retribution often follows the employee who quits on poor terms, as future employers frequently check references from previous positions. Quitting a job should not be synonymous with creating havoc for the company […]

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8 Ways to Improve Your College Social Life


Starting college can be intimidating no matter what your age. Even if you’re going back to college to start a new career, your encounters the second time around are going to be varied. College is a different animal than it was even five to 10 years ago, and regardless if you’re planning on attending a […]

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Post-Grad Confession: What Is A Real Job?

real job

In the indie flick, A Real Job, a movie rental store employee meets the girl of his dreams. He moves into a blue collar job to impress her, only to discover that he no longer has time for her.  In addition, his new corporate employer is going to close down his beloved video store. The […]

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